It's been a year since the last post, in which I've been writing nothing and with a little blog (good, quite) abandoned, in which my life has completely changed and I've been without much time for anything, but the time has come to publish again! 🙂

I was always of those people wanting to live in another country and, since I can remember, United Kingdom was my favorite. So while I was working in Spain and decided to leave to come to this cold and wet country, and the truth is I'm happier every day here.

If you are also one of the thousands of Spaniards who are considering exile in London or elsewhere in UK, Maybe you can give some of advice:


Destination: How to choose the city in which you'll live is very important, UK is very large (good, not great, but not as small as we Spaniards) and do not necessarily have to go to London. If your English is not very good at first rule of Scotland and Wales, where the accent is quite different from that studied in school and can be adapted to be a little more difficult than elsewhere. London is always a good choice: is very large, and therefore there is always employment opportunities, but it is very expensive to live here (as a 450 pounds of rent plus costs and over 100 pounds only to the metro) and competition when it comes to finding a job is also higher. Also, a big city can get to be a bit hostile and oppressive, not to mention the endless hours on meter… London is surrounded by a ring called M25, and cities that are provided are too expensive. The rest of the UK is much more affordable, although smaller sites will be fewer vacancies and perhaps cost you more to find a job. Here you can get an idea of ​​how much a room in each zone.

Work: Although there are enough people who have come directly from work if you're not a crack in your profession and speak enough English certainly can spend months waiting for someone to call you from here to offer you a job. If you're a girl it'll come as aupair, since almost all families “well” British need. You can fetch an agency, pay a 200 euros and they take care of everything, fetch yourself or family. I decided to come as well and found mine in AupairWorld after doing a couple of interviews by Skype, and I was perfect. There are also agencies that seek you work and housing from Spain, but I have not met anyone who has been so.

Language: There is a popular belief that says that venirte UK and learn English. Yes, clear. Note that from the moment your plane lands you will have to communicate, and the British do not speak the same rate as high school English teachers, so my advice is that before you spend your money like crazy and venirte, desempolva tus books, Apúntate an academy, vete conversation classes… anything you learn will come in handy when you get. It takes a long time to learn a language “absorption”, so best studied.

Papers: Although in theory you you can come only with the ID you'll need a passport, and make a European Health Insurance Card is never over. Spanish banks normally charge a fee for cash advances at ATMs English, but if you have less than 30 years you can get a Bank card NX Novagalicia, y te saldrá free. In theory you should not need to make any other paper before coming.


Accommodation: Typically a couple of days at some hostel and while searching for a room. If you want to skip realtors, agencies and other, Web quintessential home is to find Gumtree, or also SpareRoom to search rooms in shared houses. If you prefer to go to some agency will be more street all rule, but as always, charged for something you find, and fairly. My suggestion is that you do not bring too many things first, and once you've found fixed housing, make a trip “express” to Spain to pick up what you have been you or make you send it. If you need send your stuff to the UK You can indicate the origin Infoenvía, destination, weight and dimensions of your package and seek among the most popular packaging companies (UPS, FedEx, DHL…) so you can compare shipping prices and select the cheapest.

Work: The websites that offer more jobs are TotalJobs and Monster, but there are many more options when it comes to finding a job. Las Ett (Call Recruitment Agencies) work quite well here and there are a couple of them on every street. In Spain it is almost unthinkable that entering a website to give your resume passes directly to speak to the manager and you end up hiring, but here it happens quite, especially in shops and in hotels and restaurants, so go imprimiéndote few, and luck.

Papers: The first thing you need is to open an account in a bank. When I arrived, a year ago, Lloyds and Barclays offered free accounts, and have ATMs all over the country.We'll need a NIN (National Insurance Number), or social security number they will ask you for the work contract. It is going to get any Job Centre Plus, waiting two weeks to grant you an interview and two weeks until you reach the number (then we complain that everything was slow in Spain…). To register for the clinic in your neighborhood just need your passport and fill out some questionnaires.


I've probably left something in the pipeline, but I hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions or need more help with whatever, do not hesitate to contact me, as they say here.

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18 Responses to “Little guide to moving to United Kingdom”

  • Ya era hora que encontrases tiempo niña 🙂

    What better to speak from experience, no 😛 ? jeje.

  • Lo sé, lo sé. Prometo sacar tiempo de donde sea a partir de ahora 🙂

    Before coming I read as 15 blogs of people who had come, and always helps. Even if you get too many details start everything a little scary to do… jeje.

  • Glad to read you again!

    It is a better option and the more interesting information.

  • Welcome back! Yo también me he decidido a pasarme por aquí para darte ánimos 😀

  • david:

    Hello, I just read your post.
    I'm about to move to london with my wife and two children 5 and 3 years old
    I'm going to work at a restaurant cook colleague stock newington.
    It helps the state with the schooling of children? how much a school there?

    • Hola David, UK public schools (state schools) son gratuitos, and also the state offers an aid for families. In esta web You can read about the types of schools and this link on aid. You know that they attach importance to the college you go, and type of extracurricular activities that offer, so families often visit several schools and even some make you an entrance exam, although being so small I do not think you have problem.
      If I can help with something else, just tell me.
      Good luck!!

  • It's very interesting what you're talking about how to get work. But if you're not a girl and you can not go as au pair, there a way for the boys to go to England and get a job? Grax for respeusta! :d

    • Hola Robertito, gracias por tu comentario 🙂 Cada vez hay más chicos que vienen de aupair, especially Spanish, so if it's a job you do not mind a good start. Si no, probably be faster and look from here venirte, since surely you want to do in-person interviews. Have you ever thought about any particular work?

      • Jose Daniel:

        Good, I also would want to know about making au pair if you're a boy. Is there any company that hires you know guys?
        Certainly, genial el blog 😀

        • Hola Jose Daniel, in Also you can sign up to be kid, and is the most widely used web. Another option that every day more people are using Facebook, research groups in London Aupairs the similar, and leave messages to see if you answered any family or if anyone knows of any need aupair. I also try Gumtree, here is used for all.

          Concerning the Agencies, I've only heard of, I do not know if you guys also hire or not.

          Hope that helps! Y muchas gracias por tu comentario 😀

  • Estíbaliz:

    Hello and thank you very much for your tips.
    I am Spanish but with dual nationality USA and Spain. Currently live in Spain and my husband is from USA. I am a qualified teacher in the U.S. and, after seeing the apartment website. UK education, I can go there to work as a teacher. My question is, recommend me which site to go with three small children? Looking over an entire site with good public schools. I've heard of Bristol, but I know nothing.
    I would appreciate any comments.

    • Hello Estíbaliz, thank you very much for stopping by my blog.
      So far I have only lived in southern UK, so I can not advise you first hand about what sites may be better to move with your family, but I've heard that public schools in London and Surrey are the ones with the best reputation.
      Brighton is a beautiful city and the beach also has many public areas and gardens for children, so yes it can be a very good option.
      Sorry I can not help more. Un besito, y suerte 🙂

  • tamara:

    Hello!! Soy tamara,living in barcelona(Spain).I maybe in January I go to london,I have a cousin who is living there and told me to go to there to there is a lot of cleaning,He told me I need a work permit and identity card cn I ask my appointment and within a week I would get to start working…but I have a girl of 5 years and if I get lucky and find a job for me to take alli with migo.porque have told me that there give aid for each child you have and help you to pay off the house and the public schools are free although children are in uniform,my question is: I need to enroll the girl in school and if true I help you by children?? I hope your answer…..thanks!

    • Tamara Flee! To get started you just need a social security number (llamado National Insurance Number o NINo), you can get it free at any Jobcentre Plus with your ID as did your cousin. The aid for the home is more complicated, and every city or neighborhood (what the council) has its own requirements, but in general is usually less than you earn 16000 pounds per year, hire live… The government website where you explain what this is all: Housing Benefit. Respect to register to your cute in a cole, I recommend you have a look at the same web of government: Schools Admissions, and to know how much you would get help for her this is the paragraph: Child Benefit, but now you will see that they are 20 pounds per week. Personally, I recommend not expect much of the British Government in regard to aid, usually quite demanding requirements and paperwork are endless… Anyway luck, y espero haberte ayudado 🙂

  • Hello, como estas?? Consulta, que ciudad del reino Unido recomendarías para vivir?? Pregunto por que me interesa encontrar trabajo para mi y esposo, tenemos un hijo de 5años y cómo tu dices, Londres es muy caro, por eso mi duda que ciudad recomiendas que sea más económica para vivir, mientras nos estabilizamos?? Ojalá me puedas responder, thank you very much.

    • Hola Denisse, depende un poco de lo que busqueis, si quereis una ciudad grande, pequeña, si el clima es importante para vosotros… Yo personalmente recomendaría Birmingham, Northampton o cualquier ciudad de las Midlands. Todo es más barato que en el sur y no tienes tan mal tiempo como en el norte. Si buscais algo más parecido a España podeis plantearos Brighton o Southampton… Si necesitas cualquier cosa o tienes más preguntas mándame un e-mail y te ayudaré encantada 🙂

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