“This guide covers not only small populations with monuments of great historical and artistic value, well preserved but especially those locations that best represent the traits and the old ways of life in their county or region.

Every review, along with a detailed description of the monuments, the history and characteristics of the people, provides updated information on:

  • Location and access.
  • Population.
  • Offer local products.
  • Gastronomy.
  • Fiestas and traditions.
  • Best season to visit.
  • Best seen.
  • Tourist Phones.
  • Recommended visits.
  • Environment Area.
  • Accommodation and restaurants.

A tour 135 towns across Spain that highlight the conservation and beauty of its architecture and the vitality of its traditions.”

Little remains to be said of this guide after reading the summary on the back cover… in fact, The Peoples Guide charming El País Aguilar (2003) contains all these things, but yes, very briefly, since each people devote only two leaves (photographs included). Anyway, I think that perfectly fulfills its function: propose 135 beautiful villages scattered around the Spanish geography that will love us as we teach all you need to know to not lose any of its charm.

The guide costs about 20 € and the only negative point is that there are large areas where no people does not appear Boutique (as western Castilla y León, the provinces of Zaragoza, Caceres, Murcia or even Cádiz). Curiously, guide classifies towns 4 categories according to their charm, and unique “senior” Guadalupe am (Caceres) , La Alberca (Salamanca), Morella (Castellón) and Santillana del Mar (Cantabria).

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2 Responses to “Charming villages”

  • Juangi:

    Do not come here if Torrox but if he does not recommend it to everyone who is a very nice and typical village in Malaga Area. It is also next to Nerja Verano Azul which is where it was filmed and is very nice to remember scenes.

    • Well, not listed in the directory, but soon I'm going to spend some days in Málaga, so take note and try to spend by Allie. What mythical Verano Azul! Since I do a photo next to the boat Goby…

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