UK is a country full of small towns which hide centuries of history and tradition, and have much more to offer than a visitor could think in principle. This is the case of Winchester, a city of just 40.000 Hampshire County residents (in southern England), it became the capital of the kingdom of Wessex important, London until he unseated after a fire in the twelfth century.

Although I am ashamed to admit, I did not know of the existence of Winchester until just a couple of months, and that I live about an hour by train. So useful that I had no other plan for the bridge Easter, and already had mono travel, Saturday I took my camera and my wool hat and prepared to spend a wonderful day in Winchester.


Arriving, as I do, I sought Tourist Office and I loaded up brochures and maps to not miss anything. Just opposite the bus station, where by “moderate” price 6.50 I grabbed a pound bus a Chawton, where Jane Austen spent the last 8 years of his life and where they have converted their old house in a complete museum. Riding the bus, is very important that you ask the driver to advise you where you have to get off, because there is no sign or indication. I stop at a roundabout and if you say that you should follow a path that goes right, or to hagáis YPFSF! Leads to a fenced field with sheep and huge padlock that will force you to turn. Instead, ing swing, cruzad the rotonda, and follow the main road straight. The house is located about 5 minutes.

The village of Chawton is just as I imagined: Like the people who appear in the films of Jane Austen, but with cars parked (not everything could be perfect), and the house-museum is a marvel. Upon entering the store is, where to buy tickets (Jane Austen’s House Museum: 7 pounds). A wonderful trick I've discovered is that if you teach a student a card you make off in many places in UK, no matter who is Spanish and usually do not look at the expiration date (and that I'm taking my card college more than three years ago XD). Inside the museum you will find everything as it was when Jane Austen lived there, has all the details and curiosities. As like so much, I'll write a full post about the museum.

Back in I went to Winchester Cathedral (Winchester Cathedral: 6 pounds), one of the most beautiful country in my opinion. You can claim to be European Gothic cathedral with the longest nave and a clear example of the call “gótico perpendicular”, English style which is characterized by its emphasis on straight lines. The cathedral contains all kinds of windows, relieves, statues and details that leave you with your mouth open, not to mention its superb Seller. Also, houses the tomb of Jane Austen, and currently contains a discussion of the various places where he lived.

The next stop was, as, which was the home of Jane Austen during his stay in Winchester in the last six weeks of his life. It is located on College Street and is now a private dwelling marked with an indicative plate. At the end of the street on the left are Castle ruins Wolveseley (Wolveseley Castle: free admission), built in the twelfth century and housed , among other events, the wedding of Mary I to Philip II of Spain. The castle is named (wolf is a wolf in English) a legend that the Saxon king demanded an annual payment of 300 heads of wolves.

After the visit, volví a High Street, I went into some shops, I bought something to eat and I continued to call Great Hall (contribution: 1.50 pounds), the only part of Winchester Castle called left standing, and that hosts the Round Table of King Arthur. Yes, you read correctly: The Round Table of King Arthur. And there have, hanging on a wall, huge, made of green marble and beige, with an image of King Arthur presiding and the names of all the gentlemen indicating where they should sit. They say that this is not the original, but it makes a copy of a 700 years old, but it's still a blast (no other word to describe it) and worth going to just to see Winchester.

The Great Hall also has somewhat bizarre ornaments like a giant statue of Queen Victoria, wood a relief of Queen Elizabeth, iron gates in the style of Game of Thrones, or more posters on the characteristics of each of the knights of King Arthur. At bottom right is the gift shop, Buy where the super cute posavasos (Roundtable, course), and from there to the train station and back home.

Of all the cities I've been in the UK, Winchester is perhaps the most surprised me. It has that small town charm of English while several tourist attractions that make always worth going back. Not a destination to spend more than a day, but if you want a quick getaway and different, I definitely recommend visiting Winchester.


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  • My Mother, as you follow these posts I'll have to make another visit xDDD. I love. Since I can not be around these wonders, I revel in tus posts. Estaré esperando el dedicado a la casa-museo de Jane Austen 🙂


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