Last 21 September Shopping River opened in Valladolid, becoming the sixth largest mall in Spain. Located in Arroyo de la Commit, including IKEA, the mall has 124 local open, 107 of which are commercial shops, 16 cafeteria and restaurants and a cinema with 10 rooms and 1.700 seats. All these facilities generate a volume of 1.600 direct jobs and 400 Indirect, to which must be added the 2.400 job positions arising during the construction period, published as El Norte de Castilla. Next to nothing.

The last time I was in Valladolid was about two years ago, and last week I was lucky to find a flight back to London for just 20 euros (viva Ryanair, whatever they say!), así que me metí un madrugón el día antes de mi vuelo y me fui para allá a recordar mis tiempos universitarios 🙂

In the morning visit to Campo Grande, chocolate with churros, Flea of ​​the best ham in the world, and reeds in the mythical penicillin. No one plans as my friend L! And in the evening, MIS meeting with friends turismiólogas 5 years after finishing the race! As had just open the Shopping Rio was pretty clear what had to go, Huh?

As legend has it The Regional Bus offered Free from the Plaza de Poniente, Bus Station and El Corte Ingles every hour to get to the mall. An hour and a half after being waiting at the Bus Station, and after asking everyone he walked like us, begin to suspect that it was better to just take one of the payment, also Regional, course, coming out every quarter hour.

Arrived, vamos al Ikea, we are left with the desire to take half the shop, we stroll through the mall (where certainly nobody bought anything except Primark), and at about 8 and a half left to catch the bus back, we had dinner with more friends. If I say that the bus stop had a hundred people I think short. Within five minutes a bus arrives, allowed to rise to a 30 people, closes the door and leaves. And others still waiting, and waiting, and waiting. And so it happened an hour, and reached an empty bus, made a move to stop, and went on his way. And we are still waiting.

Those who follow my blog know that I do not usually do reviews, but I seemed to Shameful that after advertising about how wonderful public transportation and how easy it is to go to Rio Shopping, It was all a lie and we had to wait over an hour (until we were looking drive from Valladolid, but like we were still in the bus stop). Yes, very nice mall.


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6 Responses to “Shopping River and the legend of the Ghost Bus”

  • Maria:

    I lived this experience live and I thought I had to spend the night there. the issue of free buses was all misleading advertising, I think they should have explained it well, since in his facebook page just put each passing hour but from which came, so we spent an hour waiting for the bus at the station and did not see any. And even worse return, because neither the buses had stopped paying. From the shopping center and the company's Regional, should have foreseen that the early days and many people go to the frequency of buses was there was not enough. I hope this gets fixed soon, it could be that they do not lose customers and the image they give is of a disorganization.

    • I totally agree with you. Course, me have put me off returning… No sense have been concerned to build that macro parasen parking and not thinking about the people who do not have a car.

  • What about? As I go house passing by.


  • Patricia:

    Así.Imagina is when someone works there and depends on the Regional because no car,It is not my case,but I know one cercano.Si competition would see if they come out espabilaban.Se deserve a complaints galore by regional servicio.La evil does not end there,It has also reduced the field autobues to Medina and Villanubla(in this case removing the first morning service)that gets people to go to work…

    • It is a disgrace, the truth, and you're right, everyone should put their complaint forms, to see if the service improved somewhat. Course, image facing the trade center and the city is not good… It is increasingly clear that in Spain, or have car, or to see how you manage.

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