When most people plan a trip the first thing you usually do is choose your destination, which is usually a beach or summer or cultural site in winter Off. What people are almost never asked is really driving home, their own community.

In The infinite journey we believe it is so important to know the most remote places on the planet as the closest. That's why we will try to offer the best possible travel by the various communities.

The first path we will do for Castile and León and we will try, based on their own experience, that in three days you know most of the Castilian-Leonese territory. In the course of three days go missing three cities such as Palencia, Valladolid and Soria to which we will devote particular attention in future articles.

Catedral de León

The trip will start in Leon, where, after making a brief stop at the Lion shopping center space, Media Markt to visit including, headed to the city center passing the famous street to Boots Ordono House, Spain Fund headquarters building designed by Gaudí always great. After, forced to the Cathedral and to eat kebabs Wet visits. If I recommend going to Leon (Like me made my friend Laura) that you pass by the bar Odin, will be given five skewers per person, cane and it costs the same as elsewhere. Apart from this, any bar in the area is worth visiting for its varied.

Before leaving rumbo a Burgos, a tip for those who make the drive: let him near the football stadium, because it is near the center, is not blue area and facilitates the exit of the town.

After eating, rumbo a departed Burgos (an hour and a half away from the A-231), recommend where to go for Burgos23a walk through the old part of the city up to the enormous Cathedral. Going up stairs (and a slope) you reach the Castle, it is only open on weekends. Then you can do some sightseeing but dress warmly because without realizing the night comes and with it a severe cold. On our trip we made the mistake of underestimating the Burgos we get it cold and it surprised us so after dinner on a street near the statue of the Cid had to ourselves a race to the hotel. The hotel we stayed in was the Maria Luisa, elegant while cheap hotel with free parking around, something that is appreciated.

The second day took us to take the A-1 road Segovia, although with a brief stop in Aranda de Duero, locality is on the way and in which the highlight in my opinion is the church of Santa María la Real. After just over two hours of travel we arrived in town Aqueduct, place that has other landmarks like the Alcazar and the Cathedral and city to which I will devote a special article to have lived in it a part of my life.

Currently solo algunos highlight places to go to eat as snacks Duke, located along the aqueduct, the Oso Blanco, a few meters above the bar and a few bars located near the main square in the known as Bar Street. The biggest problem is that Segovia is a difficult car to drive with the city and parking, so the best thing is probably a little pocket scratching and paying blue zone.

Avila2In the afternoon we started towards Ávila (N-110). Although there are toll roads I recommend you to go for the National as it is a short drive, with little traffic and cheaper. Once in Ávila can see inside the old town wall in its entirety, Cathedral and some of its churches. I recommend that if you have time bear a stroll through the modern part and if you like sweets probéis yolks Santa Teresa. Finally note that I booked the hotel in Avila, The Walls which was good as it: 45 euros a night, overlooking the wall, Free parking in front of the bedroom window and décor seemed that I had chosen the same.

The third day how could it be otherwise we started on the road, in this case the A-50 that took us from Avila Salamanca in less than an hour (and not to exceed 120km / h). There is more complicated to find parking though I recommend that you look site street between the river and the cathedral, that is where we find. Once we parked the car we went to see the main buildings: Casa Lis, new cathedral, old cathedral, university, House of the shells and of course, SquareSalamanca3 higher. No doubt this city offers many more sites to see but in a three-day trip is inevitable to lose some detail in some city. After seeing the best places in Salamanca, it's time to eat. In the city charra are many places where you can eat very well but I will highlight the Gate Roma Pizzeria, located near the Plaza Mayor and the I tried one of the best pizzas of my life. After coffee, we headed for the A-66 to Zamora, “the great unknown”, a short, comfortable ride that just lost 50 minutes (always respecting speed limits).

In Zamora it is best to park in the first place you can because the historic center is not far from anywhere. The main tourist highlights of the city are located on the same street, although this is changing its name every bit, so it is very easy to stand. There, we were lucky that they had organized a medieval market of those who are so hot right now, and we could visit. And after this last stop back home and wait for the next trip.

Pd: This trip is planned to do in three days, I realize that there are things we have not seen and there are cities that have not visited but I wanted to tell my experience on a three-day trip and 50 euros diesel. If you like the monumental art, stone streets, history and gastronomy, This is a trip I would recommend without hesitation. And let's not forget the free spikes, course!

If you want to see some pictures from this trip, you can see them by clicking here.

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