He had been a time without appropriating any guide, and taking advantage of my visit last month to the Noche Templaria Ponferradina, I decided to take a look at Routes in the Spain of the Templars.

This guide, El País Aguilar, contains 27 Weekend tours in the footsteps of the most fascinating of the military orders of the Middle Ages. Each route has a route map, as well as useful information about visits, establishments and other relevant information. It also includes descriptions of possessions and places that have documented the presence of the warrior monks. The reality and the legend of the Knights Templar through its legacy in history, art, architecture…

At the beginning of the guide summarized in 5 pages the history of the Templars, from creation to today, ks and along each route guide before a map of the route is included, although in my opinion would be nice to also indicate how to get to the first town, or at least where the route is located in a provincial map.

I personally liked the way it is written, as very literary, which is not usual guidebooks, which are usually written in a rather descriptive way. The pages are joined together by a ring system, which does not excite me especially, because this is less manageable, but it is my personal opinion. And best guide, clearly, the photos are, simplementemente geniales.

This guide, it costs around 24 euros, It has been edited advantage of the current boom of the Templars issues in literature and cinema, so if you are fans of The Da Vinci Code and similar works, You certainly will bring forth match.

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