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I think no one can deny that Toledo is a magical city. It has always been on my list of places to visit earrings, and what better time to discover all its charm during the Corpus Christi, when the city is decked. I wanted my visit to be as special as possible, so carefully looked every hotel possible before deciding. Finally, I opted for a legendary hotel in Toledo, the Best Western Plus Hotel Del Cardenal.

Located in central Toledo, by Alfonso VI Gate, Cardinal Hotel is located in a XVII century building that is part of the wall itself. Just ahead there is a public parking just a few meters are escalator connection to the historic town, so once there, do not need the car at all.


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Lately I get quite a few stories of people who have had problems with the hotel we had booked in London: sudden and unexplained increases in fares, rooms that resemble neither the website, overbookings… In my opinion there is no magic formula to avoid take a surprise upon arrival, except I choose carefully (the area is very important, for example) and fixed on reviews from former guests.

Anyway, Spaniards tend to believe that a hotel is always the best accommodation that we can find, and elsewhere will be a “cuchitril”. In London, and UK general, this is not true at all, as there are types of accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes, and are often much better than a hotel.

These are the best known:

The cheapest option is usually a youth hostel, where several people unknown to each other sharing a room: is much larger room, less pay. They usually have bunk beds and rooms are only boys or only girls, unless you rent an entire room (that group travel, for example), so it is not usually the best option for traveling solo. For me, The biggest advantage, other than price, is the chance to meet other travelers and to comment on people who are visiting the same city as you.

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It's been a year since the last post, in which I've been writing nothing and with a little blog (good, quite) abandoned, in which my life has completely changed and I've been without much time for anything, but the time has come to publish again! 🙂

I was always of those people wanting to live in another country and, since I can remember, United Kingdom was my favorite. So while I was working in Spain and decided to leave to come to this cold and wet country, and the truth is I'm happier every day here.

If you are also one of the thousands of Spaniards who are considering exile in London or elsewhere in UK, Maybe you can give some of advice:


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The other day I found by chance this guide, and after take a look, I thought it would be interesting to dedicate a blog post, as it proposes different romantic accommodation to which we can go, well as suggest various activities taking place therein.

As indicated in ña cover, The guide includes a selection of the most romantic accommodation, with photos of houses, road maps with their exact location, phone book, etc.. Besides talking about the hotel or home owners (approximately, history, services offered…) proposes Restaurants (also detailed) typical of the area or particularly romantic when we decide to leave the room, as well as excursions or visits either in the town itself or in the surrounding. Read the rest of this entry »

From Touractive via Travelzoo comes a really nice and original offer: two nights at the Hospice Castle of Papa Luna en Illueca (Saragossa) Breakfast, romantic dinner, cava and even chocolates from 89 € per person.

The Castle, built in the fifteenth century, is at the top of the villa Illueca, and retains the classic medieval decor. Clearly, It is a dream.

If you prefer a night, rather than two, the price is lowered to 59 € per person. Also on offer is datallado the dinner menu: Read the rest of this entry »

When we think we have to go on a trip take several chained decisions: a donde ir, when, how much money I want to spend, I would like to see, for how many days, etc.. But the first thing to think about is whether we prefer to make a organized trip by the tour operator designing the trip ourselves.

Obviously, the differences are significant: purchase a tour package is much more comfortable, because usually you get it almost done, but also tends to be more expensive and you have to restrict yourself to the path, hotels, dates, etc.. stipulated by the tour operator. Conversely, organize the trip yourself means total freedom and saving money, but is more laborious and should not have any problems travel agency to help you. Read the rest of this entry »

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