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Some years ago I took a course in which a protocol day was dedicated to wine tasting, an art and much more difficult than it seems at first sight. I remember I had a particularly well (and not only so drunk that I ended) and I could then brag in bars XD. Hence, when I saw in the newsletter Travelzoo This wine tasting course caught my attention, especially for its unbeatable price.

Catas10 offers different courses related to wine tasting, from introductory classes to specific strengths and weaknesses tasting wine, wineries in Ribera de Duero and Arlanza. The cheapest course (26€) s introduction to wine tasting at the Hotel Tudanca of Aranda de Duero, Read the rest of this entry »

When most people plan a trip the first thing you usually do is choose your destination, which is usually a beach or summer or cultural site in winter Off. What people are almost never asked is really driving home, their own community.

In The infinite journey we believe it is so important to know the most remote places on the planet as the closest. That's why we will try to offer the best possible travel by the various communities. Read the rest of this entry »

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