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'm Not used to things I arrive by mail, and less from Spain, without my sender has requested without. So when the other day I got one brown packet with nothing inside except a beaker of reel photo with my name, simplemente Flipe. My boyfriend saying that someone sent me compromising photos… (On a reel?? Who uses a roll of film today?and, Who may have compromising photos of me? :P), thinking about who could have a camera as well and my address… I even wrote to my brother's girlfriend to indagarle, jejeje.

Al final, when I was about to go to a photo shop with the damn reel, I realize that you have something written out, and that slot pokes a small eyelash, tiro y tará!! I get a whole roll of paper with a website and a code (and I just think, what a fool you are…). So take my iphone, I enter the code and introduce web, ¿And where do you think it took me??

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Today, while organizing my trip to Spain, I found a pleasant surprise: Gijón has launched an initiative to promote gastronomy. All your food? Not, only the sweetest, and as im super greedy and Gijon is one of the cities I intend to visit, This discovery makes me extremely happy.

The initiative is called Gijón Goloso, and consists of a tour 16 specialties of the best bakeries in the Asturian city. The offer comes as a card that can be purchased online or at the Tourist Information Office, for the modest price of 7 euros 5 tastings or 13 euros 10 tastings.

The main base of the candy is to be traditional or typical Asturian products contain, like apple, cheese or nuts. I've already made my favorites list, and when I try to test the semifreddo rice pudding The House of Chocolate, Gijon pie Confectionery Aguera, casadiellas of the famous Confectionery Biarritz handkerchief or chocolate Chokoreto. Although surely finish entering each pastry find… Whether it makes my mouth water!!

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His charismatic valleys and mountains, its distinctive green, its wonderful cuisine and even their “cows” make a single region of Asturias in Spain when it comes to accommodations, is the time of year that is. And if you are someone who has fallen in love with the people of Doctor Mateo, already have your next getaway destination: Asturias.

Following the directions of the brochure “Corners of Asturias” prepared by the Government of Asturias (what you can get at any tourism office Asturian) we divided the community 14 areas indicating the most characteristic of each, and we stay where we: Read the rest of this entry »

As dije in my previous post about Oviedo, A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation from a cottage in Asturias called Villa Las Mimosas, and as I was treated so well I think the least I can do is dedicate this post (Isabel thanks again for inviting us to sleep in your beautiful home)

The Villa Las Mimosas is a rural house 5 km de Oviedo, in Bueño. If you have seen the movie Ashes of Heaven will sound area, and surely way veais famous film center. Area, as imaginaréis, are typical Asturian: mountains, valleys and lots of green. Read the rest of this entry »

Two weekends ago I was in Oviedo, one of those cities you always want to come back, because you always have something to see or do. This was now the third time visiting the city, although it was the first that made it in Mardi Gras, and is held in Oviedo Carnival a week later than in the rest of Spain (and I assure you it worth). Also, this visit was special because I was invited to stay in a cottage called Villa Las Mimosas, the thought that I have to dedicate my next post.

I must confess that my trip this time was not very culturally, but rather “idle” (we, I went holiday), so instead of making a chronological article as I do, I'll tell sites I've visited on this trip and previous (and I can recommend) so that everyone can enjoy one Oviedo Tailor. Read the rest of this entry »

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