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I imagine that by now you've probably summer vacation gone (surely to the beach), but if you are someone who can not leave because you need to work or because the crisis has given you full, or just want to keep putting tan, we suggest a much closer and cheaper alternative: river beaches (the bathing areas),a phenomenon that is growing in inland areas such as Castilla y León and want to bring you as it can still take some time to give a swim and sunbathe. Read the rest of this entry »

The more growing passion for technology more towns and cities and recall past characters wear their streets and typical products of the medieval period. The list of medieval markets in our country is endless, and in squares and castles municipalities take advantage of these dates to relive the days of Camelot and King Arthur.

If you like medieval markets is a website you need to know:, although Read the rest of this entry »

Yesterday I was, a year, Night of the Templar in Ponferrada, but do not really understand why it is called when a four-day week… And is that if you like things related to the average age, the Templars and other, this weekend a must have seen a very Ponferrada, as (at least in my opinion) organized one of the most complete and authentic fairs in Spain as far as this issue concerns.

What activities can be done? Thank for all tastes and. There is a little bit of everything: one Templar Fair Beer with beers from around the world, Templars skewers and wine, a large market where you can sign Templar from tomarte a mint tea (and take the free cup) to learn to Read the rest of this entry »

A few days ago I found this in a library travel guide, as “magic” es mis favorite adjectives, I took it home hoping to discover great places in it, Precious, Special. And the truth is that after you read it to me whole I feel a little cheated. No me malinterpreteis, This guide does contain corner of Castilla y León very deserving of being visited, I simply had not defined as “Magic”.

I've been looking online guide trying to figure out your price, but I could not find. Yes Will you animaros también the buscarla, is part of a collection of Library La Posada and the Castile and Leon del Duero entitled Guidelines published in 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

This Saturday, despite the cold, I did a mini-break to Leon to see new exhibitions MUSAC, Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y León. The you to live near, surely have read about some of them in the newspapers, because every time you change the exposure is published in all the local and regional press.

It was the second time visiting the MUSAC, and the truth is that I liked more the first. Anyway, If you have never been there, vayais I recommend you at least once, as experience is, the less, curious and different (y free, said by the way). Si before gonna del 28 March you could see the following exhibitions: Read the rest of this entry »

Today I will tell you of Valladolid (also called Pucelle), a city in which I lived two years and I recommend that you go in summer or spring, and in winter the weather is quite cold. Here I write how I would plan a trip to Valladolid if only it were to happen 24 hours, mixing tourism, tapas and fun. Read the rest of this entry »

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