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We're in June and the weather begins we, so taking the summer is coming so close it's time to start making our plans for this summer. If you are one of those who want to do something different but you are unsure what and always end up doing the same things in life, I want to make some suggestions to make this summer more than funny, unforgettable.

  1. Do sports. Yes, I know it is very typical, but why not? With cold course you prefer to stay on the couch with a blanket, but in summer there is no excuse, and bound to find some outdoor sport you like. The pool is always a good choice, but perhaps you prefer biking or rescue some hiking trails in the mountains and seek with you unforgettable landscapes (Are you already The Ancares?).
  2. Lanza adventure. Would not you like to learn to surf? Maybe this summer is a good time, or skydive, hacer trekking, try diving or hop on a globe… if you're confused, in Atrapalo eventually convencerte. Read the rest of this entry »

Your main problem when traveling is money? Are you one of those who suffer from having to pay more for a bed to sleep that you've spent the day? Are you open to new experiences and want to mix with locals who visits? If the answers have been “yes”, you should try the CouchSurfing the free hosting, one of the latest developments when traveling. Read the rest of this entry »

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