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Although 2011 Traveled a lot more and although this year I have stayed many outstanding places to travel, these are my favorite destinations among all that I have visited in this 2012:

CORDOBA. Its imposing Mosque, Alcazar and its gardens, the Guadalquivir River, the ruins of Medina Azahara, their yards and streets full of flowers, gastronomy and especially the joy and friendliness of its people make it a destination Córdoba marking in memory of any visitor.

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Last week I was in Valencia, the third largest city in Spain and the birthplace of wonders and failures, paella and sangria. It was a journey that took a long time waiting, not only visit the city but also by the desire I had to reconnect with my friends from Tourism, and did not disappoint me anything. I made many photos this trip, which you can see by clicking here.

In total four days we were in Valencia, and even though we missed some things to see and do, I think the advantage quite well and we got to capture that special essence Valencia: Mediterranean, Young and full of contrasts.

I was especially surprised at the university area, huge and full of erasmus, prepared to meet the expectations of any college student. The powers were huge (nothing to do with the beloved Earth House Segovia where we study), connected by rail bike rides, and surrounded by many bars, Restaurants, Reprographics… We will, if you're torn between Valencia to study in another city or, vete Primerica to see this area because te ayuda sure to deciding. Read the rest of this entry »

I must confess, every time I plan a trip I can not help but buy a tourist destination guide (imagine my bookshelf…), and I love to browse your photos, descriptions and recommendations, maps and even its smell. I think the guide will always carry in your bag is part of the charm of traveling, but at night you end up with a little sore shoulder. Does the negative part of the guides? In many cases the price and as, weight. So I was glad when I discovered Guiomatic, as solves both problems: is free and can customize to your needs, with the extension you prefer.

According to the website itself Guiomatic allows create a custom travel guide for the dates you want to travel with highlights, Tourist, Maps, time and download it in pdf for free or order the paper version. Read the rest of this entry »

When we think we have to go on a trip take several chained decisions: a donde ir, when, how much money I want to spend, I would like to see, for how many days, etc.. But the first thing to think about is whether we prefer to make a organized trip by the tour operator designing the trip ourselves.

Obviously, the differences are significant: purchase a tour package is much more comfortable, because usually you get it almost done, but also tends to be more expensive and you have to restrict yourself to the path, hotels, dates, etc.. stipulated by the tour operator. Conversely, organize the trip yourself means total freedom and saving money, but is more laborious and should not have any problems travel agency to help you. Read the rest of this entry »

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