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We started our journey from Ponferrada, and decided to make the first stop on our trip somewhere in the Basque Country. Our choice was the city of San Sebastian, very close to the border, and camping Igueldo. However, that weekend were the holidays, and the campground was full, so I finally stopped in the beautiful town of Zarautz (where the restaurant's Gourmet Desserts, certainly).

We almost overnight, so we had to stay at the campsite, which suited us to leave early the next day to Toulouse, Zarautz but I pointed one of my earrings destinations, since what little I saw I loved. The camping also called Zarautz and was located on a hill from which had amazing views of the beach and village. Read the rest of this entry »

Be adventurous and take a tour of Europe is one of the common dreams of any travel lover, and I just returned from one that has been, for the time being, the journey of my life. En total han sido 7.000 kilometers 20 days, through 9 countries and over 25 cities, and spending just over 1.000 euros per person. Y as imaginaréis, We have passed many things, We have met many different people, we have seen landscapes that seem taken from a mock tale and cities, and especially, we've had great and we have had a unique experience.

A common way to travel in Europe is using a inter-rail, today offers various combinations and prices for all ages and different prices. However, if podeis do drive as we did we, spare yourselves you money and you will have much more flexibility when choosing destinations, since there is always trains with you wherever you want to go. Read the rest of this entry »

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