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Time ago that I want to share some of the websites about travel spent years accumulating in my bookmarks bar, of those who are ever and you seem so useful for upcoming trips you do not want that you forget. So I decided to start a new section on the blog, Interesting sites for travelers. Here is the first delivery:



Lately not stop hunters emerge flights, but among them the Flights from I especially liked. It is a search for cheap flights fast and easy comparing prices between different both regular and low cost airlines. Also, if you enter the destination country name shows you all airports by region, something that is often very useful. Another good option is to search for prices has. Introduces the maximum you want to spend and shows you deals airline tickets worldwide. The truth, quite convenient and comfortable.

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London is the city of fashion 2012. A few weeks ago the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth celebrated and in less than a month will begin the Olympics. It is always a good time to visit the city, but certainly, this year, the British capital will show its best to the world, so do not hesitate, resérvale and at least one weekend holiday.

Despite being the largest city in Europe, the main attractions are relatively close to each other, so with a little help from the metro in two days you should be able to visit the most important places. After living here for over a year, I would advise the following plan to visit London in a weekend:


Travel begins soaking English spirit and go see the Big Ben y Westminster (metro: Inestminster). If you do not eat breakfast in the hotel and you are eager, test an all day breakfast in a pub, as St Stephen’s Tavern, right in front of the tower on the corner, with stunning views and very normal prices. Keep the check crossed the bridge and walk to the London Eye, where by 15 pounds can enjoy unforgettable views of London. Another much cheaper option to see the city from above is to keep walking along the Thames to the Tate, Museum of Modern Art, and go to the cafeteria on the top floor. All Free.

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It's been a year since the last post, in which I've been writing nothing and with a little blog (good, quite) abandoned, in which my life has completely changed and I've been without much time for anything, but the time has come to publish again! 🙂

I was always of those people wanting to live in another country and, since I can remember, United Kingdom was my favorite. So while I was working in Spain and decided to leave to come to this cold and wet country, and the truth is I'm happier every day here.

If you are also one of the thousands of Spaniards who are considering exile in London or elsewhere in UK, Maybe you can give some of advice:


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And days ago I discovered in Itl Trunk Chimos a drawing for bloggers organized by FNAC would happily Christmas to anyone. If you also have a blog and want to make your list of kings FNAC can check the database by clicking here.

My list is basically regalines of useful things for travel:

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He had been a time without appropriating any guide, and taking advantage of my visit last month to the Noche Templaria Ponferradina, I decided to take a look at Routes in the Spain of the Templars.

This guide, El País Aguilar, contains 27 Weekend tours in the footsteps of the most fascinating of the military orders of the Middle Ages. Each route has a route map, as well as useful information about visits, establishments and other relevant information. It also includes descriptions of possessions and places that have documented the presence of the warrior monks. The reality and the legend of the Knights Templar through its legacy in history, art, architecture… Read the rest of this entry »

I must confess, every time I plan a trip I can not help but buy a tourist destination guide (imagine my bookshelf…), and I love to browse your photos, descriptions and recommendations, maps and even its smell. I think the guide will always carry in your bag is part of the charm of traveling, but at night you end up with a little sore shoulder. Does the negative part of the guides? In many cases the price and as, weight. So I was glad when I discovered Guiomatic, as solves both problems: is free and can customize to your needs, with the extension you prefer.

According to the website itself Guiomatic allows create a custom travel guide for the dates you want to travel with highlights, Tourist, Maps, time and download it in pdf for free or order the paper version. Read the rest of this entry »

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