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If you follow my blog regularly you've probably already realized how much I like the British Victorian houses, and generally everything about the era and the literature of Jane Austen :). Whenever I hear that there is something around here, I miss no opportunity to make a visit. It's been a couple of years I discovered list the locations of the world of Jane Austen, and since then I have them all on my list of outstanding destinations. Curiously, one of them is in my same city.

Loseley Park is a Victorian house on the outskirts of Guildford which has been the scene in Emma (in the starring Romola Garai version, It was the home of Mr Knighley) and Sense and Sensibility (in the BBC miniseries, Barton Park to, the home of the Middletons). It was built in the sixteenth century, except minimal reforms, everything remains as is.

Loseley Park

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