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This post comes a little late. The idea was to have published earlier this month, but between work and other things that I have pending while I could not finish it to my liking so far.

First I want to wish you a Happy 2011 all, full of travel and new experiences that make you happy. Second anunciaros forthcoming reforms blog, so if Veise “weird stuff” malfunctioning is added I am testing, and as yet I do not control much by trial and error. And finally I would like to through Chimos, the blogger The Chest Chimos, who sent me a piece of his art this Christmas: a set of necklace and earrings sincerely, loved me and has made me really happy. Thank you very much again, Chimos!!

I have some photos that you may see the wonders they can do and who teaches at su blog. Read the rest of this entry »

After travel Axarquia the previous two days, time to visit the city of Malaga came, on a journey of one day. You can see all the photos of our trip on our website Facebook (remember again that you need not be registered)

Day 3: Málaga capital

Getting to Malaga was not as easy as imagined, because the signs did not show us the downtown area from the highway (or at least, did not see), but eventually, and thanks to the ever helpful guide Campsa, We got to the center. Parking is another difficult task, so if you follow our advice, buscad un parking. They are not very expensive and spare yourselves long. Read the rest of this entry »

Two weeks ago I went traveling east of Málaga, with visits to Granada included. The original plan was playita and solecito, but time betrayed us, so we changed the blacks get for visiting villages and monuments, which was also great. As it was a great relaxing trip did not kicked, so if you want to make a similar trip, Calculators that day (well spent) you can see things that we.

To not write the whole trip and then flip it more difficult to find specific locations, I have divided into 4 parts:

  1. The Axarquia.
  2. Malaga.
  3. Costa Tropical.
  4. Granada.

As always, you can view the photos of our trip on our website Facebook (hace lacking in that sterile registered for verlas power), and if we have doubts about anything are at your disposal. That said, here we go: Read the rest of this entry »

Our Travel Map

See The Immense Journey in a larger map