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There are many people who start to prepare your summer holidays. Traveling with children can be a fun activity for the whole family allowing smaller house know other countries and cultures in an entertaining way. However, is important to control all the travel details, especially with regard to children.


The purpose of a family vacation is to enjoy a few days with the kids and play together, but that is must take a number of precautions and make a trip organization.

First, must choose the holiday destination, particularly appreciating the limitations that may have children in certain types of travel. And is that, for example, a small child can not walk long, or it is not advisable to travel to areas where there is extreme weather conditions. Read the rest of this entry »

How could it be otherwise, here is the second part of my list of my Favorite secret corners London:


Bricklane It is the paradise of stalls of cute things. In this area of ​​London, plus you'll find vintage clothing markets new designers and food, plenty of food for all countries of the world to almost ridiculous prices. If you want to try a curry, it is said that here is the best of London. To visit Sunday.

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Someone once told me that anyone who is tired of London is tired of life, and was right. The city is so great that for a long time you're in it, never cease to surprise you with sites that do not always come in the travel guides, but make sure you love.

This post dedicated to va mi friend Laura, that was a couple of summers ago in London and has already visited the Popular Attractions, to continue discovering not as tourist sites, notes. These are my favorites:

Neal’s Yard is a small alley colorful houses very close to Covent Garden. There is a very famous brand of natural cosmetics in the UK called Neal's Yard Remedies, Store-located with this alley.

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Increasingly we seek to provide travel experiences, beyond visiting a particular location, and if we can include children in these experiences, the better. And to offer experiences is what they do in Action, at Rural and Environmental Education Center, that you may already sound, as it was one of the contributors to our raffle last October Anniversary.

Located in the Valencian town of Alborache, Actio has unrivaled facilities that are divided into:

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“The essential for traveling with kids by Spain Guide contains all the keys to make a trip with children an unforgettable experience. A guide stimula fantasy and surprise young adults leading them to scenarios legend. Includes hundreds of tracks to make the most of the routes, enjoy fun city, great places, evocative theme parks and natural areas.”

This travel guide, de Editorial Everest (2001), is all you need if you want the little ones have fun while learning new things traveling. The guide is based on 9 attractions for children containing the destinations: nature, tales and legends, curiosities, Theme parks and attractions, Zoos, gardens and parks, curious monuments and museums, exciting excursions, activities and lodging. Read the rest of this entry »

The 10 October 2006 was born "the Valley of the 6 senses ", a place where fun, learning and nature come together for children and adults discover the sense of imagination.

Located in Renedo of Esgueva, a 10 kilometers from Valladolid, This leisure and family tourism 18.000 m came up with the idea of ​​being the most ambitious and comprehensive playground in Europe.

Most of 7.000 bushes and 200 trees have been planted, and the large number of native plant species adapted to the climate make the park a large green space in which children can enjoy games and nature.

Divided into several zones, you have no place to 60 other games, the Valley of the 6 senses has become one of the favorite destinations in the region. In their first year they had already visited more than 100.000 people. Each of these areas where the park is divided (The Garden of Stones, Valley of the Brave, The Farm, The Forest Rascanubes, The heart of the Sewer ...) used to simulate the five senses plus the imagination. Games like the zip line, ride a raft or create sound and visual effects are some of the many possibilities offered by the Valley 6 senses, and that makes even older back to his childhood. Read the rest of this entry »

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