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Some years ago I took a course in which a protocol day was dedicated to wine tasting, an art and much more difficult than it seems at first sight. I remember I had a particularly well (and not only so drunk that I ended) and I could then brag in bars XD. Hence, when I saw in the newsletter Travelzoo This wine tasting course caught my attention, especially for its unbeatable price.

Catas10 offers different courses related to wine tasting, from introductory classes to specific strengths and weaknesses tasting wine, wineries in Ribera de Duero and Arlanza. The cheapest course (26€) s introduction to wine tasting at the Hotel Tudanca of Aranda de Duero, Read the rest of this entry »

I do not normally talk about travel price “high” because I do not even bother to look at them, but I found one of those deals that make you plantees throw the house out the window and treat yourself sir: a trip to the island of Antigua (yes, that of “Antigua y Barbuda”) in a suite, all included, one week 1099 €. A chollazo and one of the nicest trips to do in life.

Once more, supply comes from me Travelzoo and from UK Tropical Sky. The price includes flights from London Gatwick with Virgin Atlantic to Antigua and a week in elResort Verandah & SPA **** en la Suite Water View, Sea View, on an all-inclusive: breakfast, meals, dinner and drinks. Read the rest of this entry »

In these days of Christmas and Lottery, is often the question that if we touched Hari “Fat” the “Child”, and the response of several of us is “go travel and go around the world”. Through Travelmood (via Travelzoo), is not necessary to be a millionaire to be able to do, since they offer us fulfill this dream for only € 769.

The ticket price includes a round trip from Heathrow (London) to New Zealand, I can choose between three cities: the famous Auckland, Christchurch o Wellington. Along the way we can make two stops in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, U Tokyo to Osaka, and for the turn we can choose between Los Angeles, San Francisco o Vancouver. Although they could have been better selected stops (I would put some in the East and in South America, to capture different cultures) beat the price considering that you can meet 6 very different cities on different continents. Read the rest of this entry »

Less than a month to reach the expected bridge December, and agencies buenviajeelviajeinfinitotravel and have prepared special offers for these days. If you have not yet dedicido plan, we suggest some particularly interesting options that have seemed (be aware that these offers are usually for a limited number of places, so the price is not guaranteed):

– If pinchais in the name of the web redirect you directly to offers- Read the rest of this entry »

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