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This post comes a little late. The idea was to have published earlier this month, but between work and other things that I have pending while I could not finish it to my liking so far.

First I want to wish you a Happy 2011 all, full of travel and new experiences that make you happy. Second anunciaros forthcoming reforms blog, so if Veise “weird stuff” malfunctioning is added I am testing, and as yet I do not control much by trial and error. And finally I would like to through Chimos, the blogger The Chest Chimos, who sent me a piece of his art this Christmas: a set of necklace and earrings sincerely, loved me and has made me really happy. Thank you very much again, Chimos!!

I have some photos that you may see the wonders they can do and who teaches at su blog. Read the rest of this entry »

And days ago I discovered in Itl Trunk Chimos a drawing for bloggers organized by FNAC would happily Christmas to anyone. If you also have a blog and want to make your list of kings FNAC can check the database by clicking here.

My list is basically regalines of useful things for travel:

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The wait is over: and I have the names of the winners of the First Great Giveaway this blog. As I announced at the bases, the draw was made randomly by sortea2, and although it has a tool to present a very elegant way to winners, I have not been able to insert the code in the entry (practice more for next sweepstakes), directly so I hang pictures of names (thousand pardons for forms, real)

And I know there are nerves to know if you have touched any of the 5 prizes to be raffled not amuse me more and pass directly to reveal who the winners:

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Not, you have not got the wrong blog. We have moved, dejando ago el. wordpress, and now we are still the same blog but with new and improved jacket. Hope you like our change ^ ^

Y por fín, the expected draw!!


(Clicking on the name accedeis to the detailed description of each, here a summary made ofrezcen)

1. Bubbles, bubbles: A Night at The Black Truffle (Teruel), with quarry, Circuit de Spa…

2. Dead calm: Discount 50% La Quinta de San Amaro (Pontevedra)

3. Actívate: Weekend PC on Rural Youth ACTIO (Valencia)

4. Pure elegance: A night at the Hotel BLU AD Almansa (Albacete) hydrotherapy and more.

5. Haunted Asturias: Weekend (26-28 Nov) in the Gran Hotel Rural Cela (Asturias)

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Since Christmas is approaching, and with it, the same dilemma every year: what to give. We always try to find original gifts, who like both surprised and, and of course, which are useful. Finding a gift that meets all these requirements is really hard, and if we have a big family, find the perfect gift for each person can take a long time. To help you in your mission of finding the perfect gift for Christmas we propose an idea: regala viajes.

Indulging viajes s something totally unique, as it leaves the typical material gift: you are giving a unique experience, and almost everyone likes to travel and learn new things. You looking for some on the internet will find true wonders as far as travel is concerned, and as always, we suggest you some: Read the rest of this entry »

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