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Increasingly we seek to provide travel experiences, beyond visiting a particular location, and if we can include children in these experiences, the better. And to offer experiences is what they do in Action, at Rural and Environmental Education Center, that you may already sound, as it was one of the contributors to our raffle last October Anniversary.

Located in the Valencian town of Alborache, Actio has unrivaled facilities that are divided into:

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This year was a new beach festival, Arenal Sound, in Burriana (Castellón) and from 40Travel I sent the tickets to watch Pudi (again thank you very much!!), so I grabbed my bag, my mat and my Quechua and I went there.

The festival comenzaria the 23 July and lasted until day 2 August, although I was only 28 to the 1. The poster was quite varied: many djs electronic music and the first days, and Spanish groups and some foreign from the day 29 (followed by nights more electronic music). But surely, the best of the festival was its magnificent location: right in front of the beach of Burriana, so that you are imagined where I pass them every morning… Read the rest of this entry »

Last week I was in Valencia, the third largest city in Spain and the birthplace of wonders and failures, paella and sangria. It was a journey that took a long time waiting, not only visit the city but also by the desire I had to reconnect with my friends from Tourism, and did not disappoint me anything. I made many photos this trip, which you can see by clicking here.

In total four days we were in Valencia, and even though we missed some things to see and do, I think the advantage quite well and we got to capture that special essence Valencia: Mediterranean, Young and full of contrasts.

I was especially surprised at the university area, huge and full of erasmus, prepared to meet the expectations of any college student. The powers were huge (nothing to do with the beloved Earth House Segovia where we study), connected by rail bike rides, and surrounded by many bars, Restaurants, Reprographics… We will, if you're torn between Valencia to study in another city or, vete Primerica to see this area because te ayuda sure to deciding. Read the rest of this entry »

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