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Last 21 September Shopping River opened in Valladolid, becoming the sixth largest mall in Spain. Located in Arroyo de la Commit, including IKEA, the mall has 124 local open, 107 of which are commercial shops, 16 cafeteria and restaurants and a cinema with 10 rooms and 1.700 seats. All these facilities generate a volume of 1.600 direct jobs and 400 Indirect, to which must be added the 2.400 job positions arising during the construction period, published as El Norte de Castilla. Next to nothing.

The last time I was in Valladolid was about two years ago, and last week I was lucky to find a flight back to London for just 20 euros (viva Ryanair, whatever they say!), así que me metí un madrugón el día antes de mi vuelo y me fui para allá a recordar mis tiempos universitarios 🙂

In the morning visit to Campo Grande, chocolate with churros, Flea of ​​the best ham in the world, and reeds in the mythical penicillin. No one plans as my friend L! And in the evening, MIS meeting with friends turismiólogas 5 years after finishing the race! As had just open the Shopping Rio was pretty clear what had to go, Huh?

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I imagine that by now you've probably summer vacation gone (surely to the beach), but if you are someone who can not leave because you need to work or because the crisis has given you full, or just want to keep putting tan, we suggest a much closer and cheaper alternative: river beaches (the bathing areas),a phenomenon that is growing in inland areas such as Castilla y León and want to bring you as it can still take some time to give a swim and sunbathe. Read the rest of this entry »

The more growing passion for technology more towns and cities and recall past characters wear their streets and typical products of the medieval period. The list of medieval markets in our country is endless, and in squares and castles municipalities take advantage of these dates to relive the days of Camelot and King Arthur.

If you like medieval markets is a website you need to know:, although Read the rest of this entry »

A few days ago I found this in a library travel guide, as “magic” es mis favorite adjectives, I took it home hoping to discover great places in it, Precious, Special. And the truth is that after you read it to me whole I feel a little cheated. No me malinterpreteis, This guide does contain corner of Castilla y León very deserving of being visited, I simply had not defined as “Magic”.

I've been looking online guide trying to figure out your price, but I could not find. Yes Will you animaros también the buscarla, is part of a collection of Library La Posada and the Castile and Leon del Duero entitled Guidelines published in 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

The 10 October 2006 was born "the Valley of the 6 senses ", a place where fun, learning and nature come together for children and adults discover the sense of imagination.

Located in Renedo of Esgueva, a 10 kilometers from Valladolid, This leisure and family tourism 18.000 m came up with the idea of ​​being the most ambitious and comprehensive playground in Europe.

Most of 7.000 bushes and 200 trees have been planted, and the large number of native plant species adapted to the climate make the park a large green space in which children can enjoy games and nature.

Divided into several zones, you have no place to 60 other games, the Valley of the 6 senses has become one of the favorite destinations in the region. In their first year they had already visited more than 100.000 people. Each of these areas where the park is divided (The Garden of Stones, Valley of the Brave, The Farm, The Forest Rascanubes, The heart of the Sewer ...) used to simulate the five senses plus the imagination. Games like the zip line, ride a raft or create sound and visual effects are some of the many possibilities offered by the Valley 6 senses, and that makes even older back to his childhood. Read the rest of this entry »

Today I will tell you of Valladolid (also called Pucelle), a city in which I lived two years and I recommend that you go in summer or spring, and in winter the weather is quite cold. Here I write how I would plan a trip to Valladolid if only it were to happen 24 hours, mixing tourism, tapas and fun. Read the rest of this entry »

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