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I love Scotland. I can not say clearer. He had been wanting to go, and Scotland never disappoints. I admit I do not usually plan my trips too, but in this case I wanted everything to come out particularly well and it took me almost two weeks to organize where to go, sights, and where to stay.

Decided to visit Scotland during August bridge, and at first all were drawbacks. First, was very difficult to decide what we should visit, because four days is not enough to see all the wonders Scottish, but we did not want to lose anything essential. The second problem was the budget: only London-Edinburgh train costs over 100 pounds, and to be a bridge, the prices of hotels and car rental were crazy, but in the end I found quite a few bargains:


First you have to decide the route. Get a guide Lonely Planet Discover Scotland and looked like recommendations on other blogs More Edinburgh the Mis Viajes by ahi, and I finally decided to Edinburgh, Loch Tai, Loch Ness, Inverness, Castle Blair y Stirling. Basically I prefer to sleep in because they are in cities largest hotel supply and traced the route to avoid condiucir more than four hours each day:


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If you have an iPhone or iPad, sure as I, first thing you do when you start organizing a trip or upon arrival at your destination is to find a few applications that you can be useful or you bring something new. Of all I've ever, these are, for me, the best travel apps:


Google Maps. Absolutely a must when visiting new places. Although I still like my hand up in Google Maps acknowledge that it is much easier and faster to finding your destiny. Ir a la app store.


Around me. There are always situations where you need to find the bank, restaurant, hotel nearest pharmacy or even, and with this app you'll have much easier. Ir a la app store.


tripadvisorTripadvisor. Clearly, my favorite. It shows you the best hotels, restaurants and attractions based on the feedback of users. 100% useful when deciding where to eat or sleep. Ir a la app store.

kayakKayak. When comparing prices, Canoeing es el Rey. Also, incorporates the option to receive alerts when a hotel changes its rate, so you do not miss any offers. Ir a la app store.


skyscannerSkyscanner. Since the flight comparison engines emerged, I had been hoping that someone could show option lowest price anywhere, Skyscanner and was the first to do so. It is the most useful for searching flights at bargain prices if you do not care where to go app. Ir a la app store.


There are plenty of travel apps, and there are many others which I would like to talk, but the list would be too long for a single post. Is there any other that you would include in the list?

And to finish, I want to show you a game that surely will have more than entertained during your travels. Today goes on sale Spiral, a game that took a long time waiting, because it reminds me of my beloved Final Fantasy:


SpiralSpiral is undoubtedly, the best game in the entire app store. Voucher, I know I'm not the most objective person in this case, but honestly is a great game and there is nothing similar for iOS. Summarizing some, The game is about a private investigator, Time, suffering from strange dreams and a mysterious virus called Spiral. The story is just great, con complots, twists, and especially, much intrigue. The character is very easy to use and graphically has nothing to envy to console games. Go right now to the app store y pruébalo, do not hesitate. And finally to convince, I leave you with the trailer:



TripAdvisor long since created its Facebook application where you can mark on a map the places we've been, which would you recommend and you would like to visit. I remember that day I went crazy and spent the afternoon giving the zoom and making mention of all the places we had visited, and since then I've been thinking about doing the same for the blog.

Buuut I'm a lazy and until this week had not started to investigate how, and the truth is that it's much easier than I expected. So starting today, I decided to change the page “Photos of our trips” (I had quite outdated) my “Travel Map“. As you can see, It is very easy to use, just click on each blue signal and displayed the name of the site and the link to the post in which I talk about it.

Hope you enjoy the!!


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This post comes a little late. The idea was to have published earlier this month, but between work and other things that I have pending while I could not finish it to my liking so far.

First I want to wish you a Happy 2011 all, full of travel and new experiences that make you happy. Second anunciaros forthcoming reforms blog, so if Veise “weird stuff” malfunctioning is added I am testing, and as yet I do not control much by trial and error. And finally I would like to through Chimos, the blogger The Chest Chimos, who sent me a piece of his art this Christmas: a set of necklace and earrings sincerely, loved me and has made me really happy. Thank you very much again, Chimos!!

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Does not it sometimes happens that you are a bit bored of doing almost the same thing on every trip? Do you visit the same places exactly the same way as it does the rest of the people? Surely that pass their creators Latourex, French experimental laboratory tourism, and therefore they have invented various unconventional forms of travel and sightseeing. Do you wish examples?

  • Overnight trips: Decide that you want to visit place and arrives at dusk. Visit the city at night and get out at dawn, or spend the day sleeping and continue your evening visit.
  • Numerical Travel: Pick a number and plan the trip based on this number. For example, if you have chosen the number 6, catch a train or a bus to leave the 6, get off at the sixth stop, sixth stay at the hotel to find, etc.. Read the rest of this entry »

Since Christmas is approaching, and with it, the same dilemma every year: what to give. We always try to find original gifts, who like both surprised and, and of course, which are useful. Finding a gift that meets all these requirements is really hard, and if we have a big family, find the perfect gift for each person can take a long time. To help you in your mission of finding the perfect gift for Christmas we propose an idea: regala viajes.

Indulging viajes s something totally unique, as it leaves the typical material gift: you are giving a unique experience, and almost everyone likes to travel and learn new things. You looking for some on the internet will find true wonders as far as travel is concerned, and as always, we suggest you some: Read the rest of this entry »

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