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Time ago that I want to share some of the websites about travel spent years accumulating in my bookmarks bar, of those who are ever and you seem so useful for upcoming trips you do not want that you forget. So I decided to start a new section on the blog, Interesting sites for travelers. Here is the first delivery:



Lately not stop hunters emerge flights, but among them the Flights from I especially liked. It is a search for cheap flights fast and easy comparing prices between different both regular and low cost airlines. Also, if you enter the destination country name shows you all airports by region, something that is often very useful. Another good option is to search for prices has. Introduces the maximum you want to spend and shows you deals airline tickets worldwide. The truth, quite convenient and comfortable.

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In these days of Christmas and Lottery, is often the question that if we touched Hari “Fat” the “Child”, and the response of several of us is “go travel and go around the world”. Through Travelmood (via Travelzoo), is not necessary to be a millionaire to be able to do, since they offer us fulfill this dream for only € 769.

The ticket price includes a round trip from Heathrow (London) to New Zealand, I can choose between three cities: the famous Auckland, Christchurch o Wellington. Along the way we can make two stops in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, U Tokyo to Osaka, and for the turn we can choose between Los Angeles, San Francisco o Vancouver. Although they could have been better selected stops (I would put some in the East and in South America, to capture different cultures) beat the price considering that you can meet 6 very different cities on different continents. Read the rest of this entry »

Surely you've ever done a round trip flight for less than 100 euros, maybe even for less than 20 thanks to some low cost company. If you've compared prices with other airlines, you would see that sometimes the differences are amazing.

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When we think we have to go on a trip take several chained decisions: a donde ir, when, how much money I want to spend, I would like to see, for how many days, etc.. But the first thing to think about is whether we prefer to make a organized trip by the tour operator designing the trip ourselves.

Obviously, the differences are significant: purchase a tour package is much more comfortable, because usually you get it almost done, but also tends to be more expensive and you have to restrict yourself to the path, hotels, dates, etc.. stipulated by the tour operator. Conversely, organize the trip yourself means total freedom and saving money, but is more laborious and should not have any problems travel agency to help you. Read the rest of this entry »

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