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This post comes a little late. The idea was to have published earlier this month, but between work and other things that I have pending while I could not finish it to my liking so far.

First I want to wish you a Happy 2011 all, full of travel and new experiences that make you happy. Second anunciaros forthcoming reforms blog, so if Veise “weird stuff” malfunctioning is added I am testing, and as yet I do not control much by trial and error. And finally I would like to through Chimos, the blogger The Chest Chimos, who sent me a piece of his art this Christmas: a set of necklace and earrings sincerely, loved me and has made me really happy. Thank you very much again, Chimos!!

I have some photos that you may see the wonders they can do and who teaches at su blog. Read the rest of this entry »

From Touractive via Travelzoo comes a really nice and original offer: two nights at the Hospice Castle of Papa Luna en Illueca (Saragossa) Breakfast, romantic dinner, cava and even chocolates from 89 € per person.

The Castle, built in the fifteenth century, is at the top of the villa Illueca, and retains the classic medieval decor. Clearly, It is a dream.

If you prefer a night, rather than two, the price is lowered to 59 € per person. Also on offer is datallado the dinner menu: Read the rest of this entry »

Does not it ever happened that you hear of super important news that the media have not spoken? And be not ye been surprised that very few people know of this news when it will be something that affects us all? So when I was a couple of years ago, a college professor told me about the Gran Scala project.

What is Gran Scala? It is a macro that will build on the Zaragoza region of Los Monegros (Some will know by the electronic music festival Los Monegros Desert Festival) a large leisure complex. The theme of Gran Scala will be the history and evolution, so this city will have recreational 16 sectors: Read the rest of this entry »

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