His charismatic valleys and mountains, its distinctive green, its wonderful cuisine and even their “cows” make a single region of Asturias in Spain when it comes to accommodations, is the time of year that is. And if you are someone who has fallen in love with the people of Doctor Mateo, already have your next getaway destination: Asturias.

Following the directions of the brochure “Corners of Asturias” prepared by the Government of Asturias (what you can get at any tourism office Asturian) we divided the community 14 areas indicating the most characteristic of each, and we stay where we:

  • (1) And Castropol-Oscos: Bordering on Galicia, is characterized by forests, valleys and towns that preserve traditional architecture, in which the Board prevails. From Castropol and Vegadeo, we can proceed to San Tirso de Abres, San Martín, Santa Eulalia, Villanueva de Oscos and Taramundi.

You can stay in La Casa del Burrero.

  • (2) Navia: In this area, where they mix sea and mountain, You can relive the Celtic culture through the Route of the Castros, or visit the Ethnographic Museum Grandas or waterfall Oneta.

You can stay in The Aurora House.

  • (3) Region Vaqueira: In Cudillero Valdés and you can visit beaches and cliffs unforgettable. Tineo, meanwhile, is characterized by its noble and mining past. Allande has several megalithic monuments and forts, Salas and still preserves reminiscences of vaqueiros, trahumantes farmers.

You can stay in La Paredana.

  • (4) Sources Narcea: Noted for its rich forests, as Muniellos. The landscape is characterized by the remains of the mining of coal and its traditional architecture.

You can stay in The Pescal.

  • (5) Under Nalón: This area is characterized by its noble houses and its rich cuisine based on fish, as pixín in Walls or eels in Soto del Barco.

You can stay in La Casona de Scandinavia.

  • (6) Camino Real Bureau: In this area the refuge of Asturian Oso Pardo is, Natural Park and Landscape Protegidosde Somiedo the Aramo and Peña Ubiña. Also, has a great tradition of medieval markets.

You can stay in House Cervera.

  • (7) Shire Avilés: In addition to its industrial tradition, this area has a long seafaring history and vast sandy beaches, such as Salinas and San Juan de Nieva. If you fancy also cultural tourism, you can visit the monuments of Avilés.

You can stay in Fabian House.

  • (8 and 9) Oviedo-Siero-Norena-Llanera: In addition to the famous attractions of the capital of the Principality, This area offers a wide heritage monumetal, entertainment and a wide gastronomy. For more information, You can read our post on a weekend in Oviedo.

You can stay in the Villa Las Mimosas (which we discussed in this post)

  • (10) Central Mountain: As its name, Mountain is the protagonist of this area. Notable mountains of Aller and Lena, the famous climb to Angliru and Cheese Festival in Morcín.

You can stay in La Casa Vieja.

  • (11) Cabo Peñas: Here's northernmost point is located in the Iberian Peninsula, surrounded by beautiful beaches and cliffs. Two fishing villages in this area include: Candida and Luanco, insurance whose ports you will like.

You can stay in The House Carpinteru.

  • (12) Gijón: The largest city in Asturias has many attractive, and surroundings also: Deva in traditional architecture, Romanesque monuments in Ceares and Cenero, beaches Peñarrubia, Serin and La Nora…

You can stay in The Fray Molín Noquiso.

  • (13) Valley Nalón: In the basin of Nalón, besides its characteristic flora and fauna, industrial and mining tradition coexist with environmental protection, which has its maximum expression in the Nature Network.

You can stay in La Casona de Tresgrandas.

  • (13) Sidra: The apple and cider (as) son las protagonistas of this zona, where you'll find several llagares to taste it (especially in Villaviciosa and Nava). The tourist offer is completed with its artistic heritage (as the Monastery of Valdedios) and beautiful beaches and natural protected areas.

You can stay in La Casa del Carballo.

  • (14) Region of the Picos de Europa: These lands are characterized by the difference between close shades landscapes. The short distance between the sea and the mountains create a unique landscape which offers many activities.

You can stay in La Galana.

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  • vioastu:

    I recommend everyone Asturias, about the series Dr. Matthew, wheel mainly in the village of Weights(Doctor is a route where you can meet matthew houses known doctor and neighbors), a small but charming seaside village, but also in towns like Villaviciosa and Colunga, very close and I say first hand because I was involved in a chapter, and new this summer: Dr. Matthew pasta!

    • Dr. Matthew pasta??!! I want to prove that! Let's see if I can make myself another short getaway to Asturias, I have already forward.

      Thank you very much for the contribution, I saw!

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