Eyeing travel websites I have come to one that I have been particularly struck: vacacioneseroticas.com. I think the world will never cease to amaze tourism…

This is a website that offers trips 5 -day to Santo Domingo in all inclusive, as emphasized in the web, all inclusive are all inclusive. Travel can be arranged for Singles (2000$), couples (2250$) the groups (1800$), where will the housing included, food and drink, shipments, parties, an escort girl (Company) the 24 hours (literal) divine pleasures every day. You can also hire an extra girl for 250$ and to provide an alibi and if you need it.

The truth is that the web I found very funny. For example, in faq:

P. What should I wear?

R. The list below has been suggested by some of our repeat customers.
3 the 4 T-shirts (for the beach)
2 the 3 By (overnight)
1 the 2 semi-formal shirts for a night out.
2 pairs of shorts
1 pair of long pants to wear
1 pair of normal pants
5 the 6 calconzillos (underwear)
3 the 4 pairs of socks
2 swimwear
1 pair of sandals
1 pair of shoes

P. What more need?

R. Once more, This list has been provided by some of our clients.
Toiletries (shower gel instead of soap, makes sharing a shower with his girl is so funny)
Any medicine you need
Condoms (Batch)
Lubricant Massage(based on water-based oil)
Sunscreen , at least one index of SPF 30
Cream of after sunbathing
Insect repellent
Camera (Movies and if you are not using digital)

They also indicate that you can buy viagra or cialis 5$ la pastila, or a generic by 1,4. Funny, Huh?

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