Today I will tell you of Valladolid (also called Pucelle), a city in which I lived two years and I recommend that you go in summer or spring, and in winter the weather is quite cold. Here I write how I would plan a trip to Valladolid if only it were to happen 24 hours, mixing tourism, tapas and fun.

The first thing you should do if you go by car is to leave the other side of the river, (if possible in the trade fair or surroundings) since most of the city's blue zone. Once you have parked you can take to go to the Plaza Zorrilla, one of the most emblematic of the city,also where you could see the academy Cavalry. Following the Santiago Street (the stores) You arrive to a remodeled Plaza Mayor that without reaching the level of Salamanca or Madrid, is one of the most beautiful in Spain (at least for me).

Once there 5 you have the minutes of the Old Church and the Cathedral, two of the most representative places in Valladolid. Certainly, once told me that couples are made in front of the door of the former is just a photo wedding there, I for one hope it's not true…

Other sites I recommend, given its proximity, are building or Santa Cruz University Square, in the latter, if ye be students, I advise you not conteis lions as there is a legend that the person who does not approve of that year. Also you ought to get close to the Plaza de San Pablo, where the church is with the same name (which in my opinion is the most beautiful of the whole city). On your right you will see a pedestrian street where there is a statue of the great Chillida, and is opposite the Palacio de Pimentel, a building belonging to the Council of Valladolid, where Philip II was born.

As by then I will be lunchtime I offer two possibilities:

1-Go tapas: The areas that I recommend are: the area of ​​the Plaza Mayor (not cheap but if you eat well), the San Martin (not eat poorly and is cheaper) and Coca zone (very similar to the Plaza Mayor). A Valladolid have not yet free skewers, so this option is not recommended but you want to spend a lot of money.

2-Eating in restaurant: The whole center is full of restaurants that are not exactly cheap but always tempting menus, some of the best known are the Tasquita, Jero or the Grill. If I go out a bit from the center, I recommend the pancake Eh Voila it is economical and good eats.

In the afternoon, recommend visiting the Campo Grande, that is as close to nature in the city, or go to the Museum of Science, which is totally different from the rest, although it may be a little out, and finally a walk down the street Manteria (next to Plaza Spain) with abundant stores of all kinds.

In regard to nighttime, Valladolid has four distinct areas although they are together. The most expensive area is the Coca, place a little elitist who is next to Plaza Mayor, zon is after the San Miguel, which highlights the disco bars and finally areas Portugalete and Cantarranas, which predominates in beer and Ripple and are fine to start the night. How imaginaréis, these areas also differ in the type of people and music: Coca very neat people, San Miguel with bars and people pachangueo “well dressed”, Portugalete and Cantarranas and more specialized bars (mods, heavies, punks…)

This planning is for a day, but if you can stay longer and do not doubt that both the city and its nearby towns offer a wide range of sights, castles and places to visit.

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  • Nana:

    Every time I hear of Valladolid I remember when I was in college and people spoke of pucela, and I had no idea of ​​what it was but I was ashamed to ask…

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