We started our journey from Ponferrada, and decided to make the first stop on our trip somewhere in the Basque Country. Our choice was the city of San Sebastian, very close to the border, and camping Igueldo. However, that weekend were the holidays, and the campground was full, so I finally stopped in the beautiful town of Zarautz (where the restaurant's Gourmet Desserts, certainly).

We almost overnight, so we had to stay at the campsite, which suited us to leave early the next day to Toulouse, Zarautz but I pointed one of my earrings destinations, since what little I saw I loved. The camping also called Zarautz and was located on a hill from which had amazing views of the beach and village. If you think this site quedaros hope tengais luckier than us and I do not put on a plot on slope (everything else was full), otherwise it is a pretty good site, too big for my taste, but with everything you could need: very large bathrooms, shop, restaurant, bar…


The next day we crossed the border and headed to Toulouse, a 3 and a half hours of Zarautz. The French tolls are a bit different from the Spaniards and more numerous, Most people no booths and you have to pay toll or, card or coins or throwing a basket (yes, yes, a curious invention…). Best of the French motorways are rest areas, calls aires, and often have picnic, toilets, stations, Restaurants, supermarkets and even showers. Yes, in one I found that instead of toilet was a hole in the ground and two raised surfaces to put your feet and not getting wet… something he had only seen for years in the cellars where wine will cost 30 pesetas… viva progress…

That day we were in the Camping Toulouse Le Rupé, the best we stayed in the whole trip in my opinion (only the bathroom was pure luxury and, Round and plant a garden in the middle). To reach the city center deste the campsite you have to cross a river, catch a bus to La Vache, and then take the metro to the center. The bus ticket is for the metro, so do not waste your, and if they ask the same site will give you hours of bus and subway to and.

Toulouse me pleasantly surprised, perhaps because it is not as famous as the other cities we visited and my expectations were lower, but I found a very young city and bohemian, both in the streets and shops and bars. We started visiting the Capitol Square, chaired by imposing this huge building facade, and we follow The Jacobins, church whose columns are palm-shaped domes. Nearby is the Musée des Augustins, and a little further north you will find the Basilica of St Sernin (San Saturnino), considered one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches of French Romanesque. And you can not go away from Toulouse bypassing the Pont Neuf and see the Garonne. We were looking forward to visiting the Cité de l'Espace, where you can see how it is assembled from an Airbus to a mythical Concorde, a rocket or Mir.


De Toulouse fuimos a Carry Le Rouet (4 hours approximately) passing, but without stopping, By Carcassone. From the highway you can perfectly see the huge castle and it is amazing, so pack your camera ready. That night we stayed in the Camping Lou Soleï, another huge camping, thought more for caravan tent, while the floor was pebbles instead of grass. It is located right in front of the beach, entertain offersnimientos as karaoke in the restaurant, addition to pool, and it shows in the price. The strange thing was I had extreme security: until all fenced with barbed wire, four security officer at the door, Revolving doors are operated only with magnetic key…

The original idea was to get, pitch the tent and go to see Marseille by train, but communication was not as good as imagined and had only an hour trains, getting the last at 7 and little in the afternoon, so we were in Carry Le Rouet the day. This proved to be a really cute town, with a very nice harbor area, quite elegant houses and bars and restaurants very careful and not so expensive as they seem at first sight (a martini on a terrace facing the port 3 €, for example). Yes, not one supermarket, and is a site designed to move more walking than walking.

And the next day Saint Tropez and Monaco…

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