In our fifth and last day we decided to visit Granada route, beautiful city like few, to go with a wonderful taste and look forward to returning. I want to remind you once again that you have some photos of this trip Facebook and you can ask any questions or comments you can think, and I will reply as soon as possible.

Day 5: Granada capital.

Enter the city of Granada is an adventure, at least during the week. And we found quite hold off the highway to start, and when we got to the center discovered that cars can not pass!, so we ended up choosing to leave the car in a parking lot (We are so comfortable). If you need a comfortable flat, the tourist office in the City (within the building on the left) the one and will inform those around you know that querais.

First we visited the Federico Garcia Lorca Park, where is located the House Museum the famous poet, but I left a little disappointed, the truth. Now back in the center is a must visit Cathedral, with Roma on the door trying to sell laurel at all costs, and Capilla Real, where are buried the Catholic Monarchs.

Then we headed to the magical neighborhood Albaicin, with its winding streets and pedestrian, in costs, Arab and air. In some of these streets you will find small shops with products Arabs, very similar to Turkish or Tunisian souks, but smaller (I bought some real good teas and very cheap) precious and even tea shops and beautifully decorated, where you can also smoke hookah with different flavors. More or less in the middle of the Albaicin is located Palace of Dar-al-Horrocks and Monasterio de Santa Isabel the Real, in the Plaza de San Miguel Bajo. In the Palace lived the mother of Boabdil, last Muslim king (which said that famous phrase “woman cries as what you could not defend like a man”). I recommend you keep wondering and enjoy this beautiful neighborhood, in which you will feel in another time and in another place far away to Spain.

Returning to the center along the river Darro, we reached the Plaza Nueva, where we sat down to eat at the Terrace Restaurant La Hacienda Plaza. On arrival we thought we had found the day chollazo: a lovely little square in the sun, eating as a street musician playing his Spanish guitar a luxurious menu where everything tasted great for the modest price of 14 euros per person. And the ladies were free pantiliners and Tampax! And what happened then? Well, we were charged almost 6 eurazos a large bottle of water, I took the not because we still had to visit the Alhambra, if not…

To reach the Alhambra coger recommended in a bus, and sincerely, I think it's the best idea, much better than trying to go by car or foot. There are several minibuses rising from the center (we caught them on the street Pavaneras), 1'20 and I left in front of the box office. If you know what day is going to get better before buying tickets online through The Box (thank you very much for the advice, Josie), especially if Will you visit them Nasrid Palaces (for which you will be given a specific time input), because the day is almost impossible to get tickets at the box office. Also, there are several types of tickets depending on whether you want to visit the Alhambra at night or day and parties that you please visit. We buy generally daylight for 13 €, which allowed us entry to all areas.

Now from outside you will realize that the Alhambra is not a monument any, which is much. And is that in my opinion, The Alhambra is the most beautiful of Spain: gardens, their yards, Blackened, its air, his majesty… and the smile of people with wide eyes as he turned each corner. It's something totally magical. *Note: If you are also thinking about to propose to your partner, do it in the Alhambra, I do not think no better place in the world.

The Alhambra (means red Arabic) consists of several parts: The gardens of the Generalife, Alcazaba, Nazari Palaces and the Palace of Carlos V, addition to the Parador. It is a palace and military fortress built between 238 and 1391 on a hill, and is considered the greatest work of art Hispano still standing. Also, if I remember correctly, remained in eighth place in the election of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, a pity.

And here ended our cultural journey through The Axarquia, Malaga, the Costa Tropical and Granada. The rest of the time is dedicated to sunbathe and to lounge, which is another great way to make tourism. We are already planning the next…

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5 Responses to “Travel Malaga and Granada IV: Granada capital”

  • jose:

    excellent blog

  • Nana:

    What a day!! I note for my next trip, I have a desire to go see the Alhambra…

  • José Manuel:

    Great description of your trip, reminds me a bit its chapter at Washington Irving trip from Sevilla to start your stay in the Alhambra. The roads have improved somewhat, but I'm sure it took less to get to the monument on his horse in the car you.

    • Hahaha, going, climbed Bus, that once we got to the center and almost sneaked a forbidden decided that Granada is a city we left the car in a parking lot and walk or take buses.
      I read the book of Irving? It is one of those things that I have still pending…

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