I've always wanted to go to America. Specifically to New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, and This year I had the good fortune to accompany Pixel Hero Games (the company you work for Aaron) during his visit to the city of Golden Gate on the occasion of the GDC (Game Developers Conference).

For once I have been proactive and have brought with me the laptop, so IRE publishing my daily trip (or at least I try), y así espero no olvidarme de contaros nada importante 🙂 Y sin más, start:


After “brief” Flight 11 hours from London which gave me time to see four films and media, llege to San Francisco. If you've never been to the United States as I was, prepared to spend the customs inspection. Sites I had always looked at the passport and, but Here you stop, you Toman huellas, make you a picture and you do all the questions they please (and if you do not like your answers, they can send you back on the next plane). A mí me asked what the IBA San Francisco, with whom, where he lived, what worked, the name of my company… :S


After leaving the airport we went straight to Mary's Pizza Shack in Sonoma Plaza, a chain of pizzerias where you will feel the same in Italy (to the salads are delicious). From there we went to sleep to start the day with a wine tasting in Inglenook, the cellar of wines of high quality Francis Ford Coppola. The main building is full of charm and care to detail, and its permantente exhibition is the Oscar he won for The Godfather II (Lord muuuucho). Back in the tasting, four wines were served (one white and three red), Monterey Jack cheese accompanied, as we told the story of the winery and its wines. Do not think it goes without saying that the wines were excellent, and the experience was immersive and unique. A curiosity, Mr. Coppola lives in a house next to vineyards.



Then we went to eat at Rutherford Grill, where I tasted the best ribs in the world!! I ate so many that luego estuvó with pain belly afternoon, but worth it. Every day I have more clear that the quantities of food served in the United States are somewhat exaggerated, but recognize that everything is always super good! And to end the day, Fuimos in purchasing the Napa Outlet y alrededores, where I bought a wonderful Nikon 3200 que espero aprender a utilizar pronto y poder enseñaros mejores fotos en el blog 😉


And tomorrow, San Francisco City, stay tuned 🙂

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