After a fantastic weekend in Napa and Sonoma, Monday we went to the city of San Francisco, where we would stay until our return to London on Sunday. Started for check-in at the Hilton Finantial District, located right next to Chinatown, a building of no less than 27 plants! The hotel entrance was absolutely spectacular, and the views from our room on the ground 14 They were so amazing: DSC_0442

After the brief stop at the hotel, We went for one of those wonderful American breakfasts Mel’s Drive In, typical cafe that goes on all movies filled with a huge bar and tables to people Grease. This cafe is near the Moscone Center, where GDC held, breakfast there so it became a habit. If you can go, I recommend the omelets and waffles with strawberries and cream. Awesome, o no? la foto After breakfast, and once Aaron and his companions Pixel Hero Games entered the Game Developers Conference, empezó mi aventura particular por la ciudad 😀 The first impression was of being on the set of any American movie, with crowded streets, skyscraper, taxis and taxis, buskers, many man with briefcase… More or less what I expected, pero más guay 🙂

My first stop was to go to my Muni card a kiosk Hallidie Plaza. With this card (it is rather a card) You can get buses and trams you want for a while (in my case, a week). Right next to the kiosk there is a tram stop, so without even clear where he wanted to go, got me and it's what God wants. Is that trams are soooo pretty… tranvias I got off at the last stop, justo al lado de Fisherman’s Wharf, and then I started to go all springs. I started by the legendary Pier 39, with shops and tourists, where also you can see sea lions sunning by the sea. To see the lions and, outdoors and not in any zoo or similar, parecio me something precious, so I bought some shrimp and I was looking at them for a while. If you intend to eat in the area, see that almost everything is seafood, and that Best known is a kind of clam chowder in a bread called Clam Chowder. Si as mí, Clams do not make you much grace, siempre encontrarás gambas 😛 fishermanswharf If you keep walking along the docks, you will find the Musee Mecanique curious, full of retro machines type “averigua you future” and similar. Carry coins and sure you would spend pipe. I, and did not know, not wearing any and I kept wanting to play a couple of them.

Right next door you can visit the USS Pampalito and SS Jeremiah O'Brien, two super-impressive U.S. Navy ships. museemecanique After passing through Fort Mason Marina Green we, where pleasure boats are anchored, and if you keep walking get to the beach at Crissy Field, where after traveling around the north of the city, por fin Veras el Golden Gate. Once you've rested a bit, then south to the Palace of Fine Arts, one simply amazing construction that will leave you with your mouth open. palace The total journey took me about 6 hours with stops including. As getting dark and I was already a little tired, I took the first bus I saw and I returned to the hotel to prepare for my trip the next day. No está mal para ser un primer día 😀

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