I love Scotland. I can not say clearer. He had been wanting to go, and Scotland never disappoints. I admit I do not usually plan my trips too, but in this case I wanted everything to come out particularly well and it took me almost two weeks to organize where to go, sights, and where to stay.

Decided to visit Scotland during August bridge, and at first all were drawbacks. First, was very difficult to decide what we should visit, because four days is not enough to see all the wonders Scottish, but we did not want to lose anything essential. The second problem was the budget: only London-Edinburgh train costs over 100 pounds, and to be a bridge, the prices of hotels and car rental were crazy, but in the end I found quite a few bargains:


First you have to decide the route. Get a guide Lonely Planet Discover Scotland and looked like recommendations on other blogs More Edinburgh the Mis Viajes by ahi, and I finally decided to Edinburgh, Loch Tai, Loch Ness, Inverness, Castle Blair y Stirling. Basically I prefer to sleep in because they are in cities largest hotel supply and traced the route to avoid condiucir more than four hours each day:


Secondly I looked for hotels. It is always difficult to find a good hotel, nice and cheap, but more or less I have found my “Tricks” the time to get bargains: I check first and then price comparators, with the selection of hotels that best fit with my budget, I'm reading opinions to get an idea of ​​what awaits me in every hotel. For this trip I consulted the Zoover of page that is quite complete in terms of actual opinions referred. In the end I had to settle for a bed and breakfast in Edinburgh and then enjoy two luxury hotels in Inverness and Stirling, of which I shall speak later.

Finally, rental car I opted for Hertz, since we had a coupon we got on our trip to Cornwall and also at VoucherCodes I found another coupon more than one 15% off, so in the end we went for just 75 pounds for three days. Certainly, a trick I've discovered is that if you return the car later than the time that you took charge all day!!

And more, start with path:


We left prontito Kings Cross to get to Edinburgh on 2 afternoon (4 hour trip, £130 aprox.), Do check in the only bed and breakfast I could find for less than 80 pounds (Dalry Guesthouse, a rather seedy and breakfast site is dreadful) and heading to Edinburgh Castle (Edinburgh Castle, Entry £ 16 per person). The Castle is more than a building, is a veritable fortress with streets, courtyards, and many buildings such as The Great Hall, The Royal Palace The Prison of War. Entry may seem a little expensive, but in my opinion worth pay, Castle and spend at least two hours.


Just outside the castle on the right hand find a typical Scottish Store (Tartan Weaving Mill), seems that although in principle the typical souvenir shop, has a huge full basement Skirts kilts, Scarves, shelters… all in true Scottish style. After continue our route along the Royal Mile past the imposing Cathedral of St Giles (St Giles Cathedral), but as it was it was too late was locked and could only see out.


As we are getting dark, decided to leave behind the Old Town and Princes Street Gardens to cross to get into the New Town, pasar por la National Scottish Gallery, Royal Scottish Academy y Scott Monument taking us to finish a pint in a pub near George Street heavy. Dining, We decided to heed the Lonely Planet guide and go Outsider, a restaurant with excellent food but with a much more expensive price half of what the guide indicated (about £ 30 per person). And to end the night, we take a whiskey (forgive not remember what brand was) Scottish style: only without ice, though he had to add water because it was so strong (but to ask for a Coke…jeje).


It will continue…


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