(This is continued Four-day trip to Scotland (I))


The next day we rented a car with Hertz to travel to Loch Ness, pefieres even if there are many companies that offer bus tours so you do not have to drive. Had booked a Corsa for £ 75 pounds for three days, and on arrival we were told we were none and got a Mazda 6 for the same price (yujuuu).

To go al Lago Ness (Loch Ness, pronounced large and not hole) from Edinburgh can take two paths: One is to go to Inverness and from there down to the Lake (about 35 km), or make a detour through the A85 and take the lake bottom through Loch Lochy. Although it takes longer, We decided to give the rodeo and more power and landscapes of Scotland, and in my opinion worth (although Aaron was a little tired of driving, the truth). In total the route is a 4 hours, so we decided to stop on the way to see another of the many beautiful Scottish lochs: Loch Tay, two hours and hours of Edinburgh without deviating much from the main road. In my opinion, Loch Tay is one of those wonders unknown to tourists, a huge lake surrounded by mountains in true Swiss style, with just a cafe and wooden benches to sit and enjoy the scenery.


I visit Loch Ness is not like we had imagined. Normally that would be lake 36 km in length each had little viewpoints, Huh? Nope. We saw not one. And we rode enterito. According to the guidelines, the best thing is to go to view (and pay the entry, clear) to the Urquhart Castle, which is right on the shores of Lake. But the castle closes at 6, and if you arrive later than 5 and mean you do not let go. Nosotros llegamos a menos veinticinco 🙁 .

Lo poco que pudimos del Lago Ness

What little we could Loch Ness

To compensate for the bad blood had not seen the Loch Ness able entered the Loch Ness Exhibition Centre (Entry £ 7), a kind of strange museum that do not quite know how to describe… Basically say to get where you are, wait for your turn to enter, and go through different rooms with explanatory videos of Loch Ness in your language with visual light effects, smoke, etc.. Also, Each room is decorated in keeping with the themes of cideos, ue tell the story of the Loch Ness monster while providing information to think exists as to think otherwise. in my opinion, worth, since all the effects that surround make it a fun visit.


From there, Fuimos in direct Inverness, the capital of the High Lands, where we stayed at the Kingsmills Hotel. Our stay could not be better: upon arrival we were greeted by a super nice receptionist Andalusian, enoooorme we got a room with 2 beds×2, and we had breakfast and spa access included in the 86 pounds which cost hours. So we started directly swimsuits and went straight to the jacuzzi!! :)))) And then the sauna, y al steam room, and again at the jacuzzi, and then to the pool, and after that we went to see Inverness. The city has its own castle (Inverness Castle) and a Victorian museum and main attractions, but as it was dark we had to settle for walking around downtown and dine at an Indian restaurant (that was all that remained open)



What better way to start the day than with a visit to the spa and a buffet breakfast in a four star hotel in the north of Scotland? I think it would not have mattered I extend my stay in Inverness XD, but instead the car again and cojimos headed to Blair Castle (Blair Castle, Entry £ 10 or £ 5.40 just to visit the gardens), a white castle surrounded by grass and trees that perfect touch to clear some magical Disney movie. The plan was to arrive early to Stirling and we still had two more hours of travel, so we visited the gardens, ate something quick and on our way.


Already in Stirling our first stop was the National Wallace Monument (National Wallace Monument, Entry £ 8.50) and yes, is the same William Wallace of Braveheart. The monument is a tower located on top of a hill (standing tall and pride, they say the English) just outside of Stirling. You better come up with energy because after walking up the hill you still have 246 ladder steps, although you can pause at all three levels there before reaching the top. Each of the levels is a kind of living museum: the first is about William Wallace, Scottish heroes on the second and the third on the history of the Wallace Monument own. Reach the top of the tower impresses, and much. It is true that between height of the tower and the height of the hill, the views are unique, but if like me, have vertigo, Take the hit think not much up there (in my case, three minutes hehe).


The next stop is mandatory, as, another castle. Here is the Castle of Stirling (Stirling Castle, entry £ 14), and once again we arrived just as they were about to close and we had to settle view from outside. Then we went to see the famous bridge where William Wallace won the battle that made him famous, and to walk around the city center, parando a tomar una pinta con nachos 🙂


That day we stayed on the outskirts of Stirling, in the spectacular Dunblane Hidro Doubletree by Hilton for the modest price of 59 pounds, included spa (chollazoooo). The hotel is simply beautiful both inside and out, in a building style Downton Abbey, and with all the services and quality of a Hilton (even got a cookie at check-in). So we went to the jacuzzi and other vices, and then ate a sandwich in the hotel bar, followed by a coctail, that since we are…



The next morning we had breakfast, Volvimos to Edinburgh, returned the car, breakfast at John Lewis and went shopping in Edinburgh until we got the time to catch the train back home, and say goodbye to Scotland.

Think of all the trips I've done so far by the United Kingdom, this was the one I liked most. I think the balance of landscapes that Scotland-city-monuments-tradition offers is unmatched and will not leave anyone indifferent, and if to this we add the value of the hotels is certainly a destination that you'll love. For us we have been many things to see and you can include in your trip to Scotland if we have more days, as the Isle of Skye, Balmoral Castle, Glasgow o Loch Lomond, to include in our getaway in northern UK. Can’t wait!! 🙂

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