Last year my 25 birthday gave me a fancy to go weekend with my boyfriend to Paris, and this year I decided to continue my “new” tradition of celebrating my birthday doing what I like: travel. I must confess that I was not as organized as soil be the fate and decided at the last minute, but ultimately Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and the small town of Durham made a weekend pass unforgettable (good, Aaron also helped some, jeje)

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is a city of about 200.000 inhabitants north of England, near the border with Scotland, about three hours by train from London. The arrival in the city can not be cataclysmic, offering incredible views of the seven bridges from the train, and deeper into a web of Victorian buildings.

Upon arrival we went to the hotel to check-in and leave luggage. I was lucky enough to find a job in the Hilton Newcastle Gateshead Room and breakfast 90 pounds (usually costs about 140), and although the hotel was very well, especially welcome, I guess I expected that extra touch that Hilton hotels are often disappointed and a little.

We begin the city tour across the Swing Bridge and stroll around the Quayside (the banks of the River Tyne), enjoy the wonderful bridges. Back to the center, we approach the Castle, although it was already closed (entry: 4 pounds) and we could only see out. Going to continue Catedral de St Nicholas and approaching a winter market near Grey's Monument, where to buy olives with chili, cheese and red pepper pesto do not know what it tasted great but had.

Although Newcastle have not characterized by any monument (apart bridges, course) that makes it famous, its center filled with Victorian buildings well worth a visit to the city. We spent three or four times each street (basically they are just 6 the 7) and we could not stop taking pictures and stopping at every corner.

Dining enter Task, a Spanish restaurant belonging to a chain that has locations throughout the UK. It was also my first time in a Spanish restaurant in this country, and although the food was pretty rich, We found the prices crazy: 5 pounds 3 croquettes, 6 by 4 Prawns… And the cook was Italian! After dinner and following our usual, entered every pub we could find until we went to sleep.

The next day we had the misfortune to meet all trains canceled or delayed to Durham, so when we finally managed to reach just had time to visit the city (luckily is tiny and 10 minutes you are in the very center!). We started in the Cathedral (Free entry), World Heritage Site in 1986 and considered by the English “one of the most beautiful worldwide”. Built in the thirteenth century but renovated in the XV after fire, was designed as a fortress as well as a place of worship in order to protect the people from the attacks of the Scots and the northern tribes, what makes it a unique Cathedral. The building is huge, so do not expect to spend less than an hour or two on it. It is also possible access by the tower 5 pounds, and enjoy wonderful views views after climbing 325 steps on ladder. Sincerely, worth. And before you go, do not forget to stop by the gift shop, very nice gifts and not at all the typical religious / old style, By the su bar-restaurant, that while in Spain to build a restaurant in a Cathedral is unthinkable in England is quite popular.

The following mandatory stop is the Castle (entry: 5 pounds), located just in front of the Cathedral, but it was closed for an event, so we could not visit. Instead, enjoyed a Christmas show in Market Square Place, Santa Claus with a funny singing, Rudolph, and other little characters.

Shortly we took the time to return to Newcastle to catch the train to London, and so our weekend was completed northern. Now, a pensar en el próximo destino 😉

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