Often a film or series manages to incorporate a place as a character, making, passing, we add that place to our list of future trips. Surely it wears Amélie thought of visiting Paris, o Londres tras ver Notting Hill, Right? As for easier ponérnoslo, viajerosbarcelo.com tool has created a wonderful trip: Travel Film.

It will offer a list of movies (a bit short for my taste), and placed on Google Maps where each occurs, well as provide a brief synopsis. And on the other hand, You can also move around the map and see which movies have been shot or placed in a particular place, and that was how I discovered that some scenes from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were filmed in Almería.

The idea sounds great, although they were unaware optimize, since in theory shows more “I want to go” you seek flight and hotel to the destination, but this does not always work and sometimes gives error or just does not get you anywhere.

If you do not find in the list you want to search the movie, there are more websites on the subject, as Muvizee (blog in Spanish), Movie Locations Guide (English and very complete, contains information about where different scenes were shot) the Filmaps (over 1600 movies, also in English).

And while I leave a list of the best Filmaffinity Road Movies (subgenus in which the plot develops along a long journey, generally performed on roads or paths) that will also give you some idea for future trips. Podéis exit click here.

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