Since coming to Britain already more than a year (that time flies) I wanted to visit Bath, one of the most beautiful cities in this country, and world famous for appearing in the books of Jane Austen. I think I had never mentioned so far in the blog, but I'm a geek of his books and everything related to the time of the Regency, so you can imagine how much I liked this trip.

Bath is a city in southwest England, with about 90.000 Settled people do anything unless 2.800 years by King Bladud, father of King Lear (who later inspired a play by Shakespeare). Today is a typical English town, littered with monuments and buildings made especially 300 years and a special charm on every street, that have declared to be Heritage UNESCO.

My trip only lasted a day, but it was more than enough to visit the main attractions in Bath. We started the morning at the Parade Gardens, quite picturesque gardens on the banks of the River Avon, perfect for my getting into the vintage vibe. Admission is 1.20 pounds per person.

After taking some pictures we went downtown, to Bath Abbey (Bath Abbey). Attention to the facade! I think it's the most original I've seen in a religious building… I found a great idea, and I loved those stairs. Despite all, We decided not to jump in and start queuing for the Roman baths, most famous of Bath.

The queue was not as long as it looked and in less than twenty minutes we were within. Las TRoman barren (Roman baths, entry 12.50 pounds), but still hot springs emanating, They are only used as a museum, and indeed there are several signs prohibiting touching the water (although we do not resist and we played, It was very warm, certainly). The tour is very dialectic, with interpretive signs at each corner and endless lessons in audio guides. It would be unforgivable to leave Bath without visiting the baths, however, after hearing so much about them, I think I set very high expectations and was a bit disappointed. I guess I wanted to see some mosaic…

On leaving the baths we went to eat at Best Restaurant in Bath according to the Lonely Planet guide, Circus, and oh boy how good everything was! Until the bread! (seriously, three different types of bread, each more rich, butter accompanied… terrific) Also the place is very elegant, llegar without being ostentatious, and the waitresses are super sympathetic. The best thing is the price, under 40 libras por dos personas poniéndonos hasta arriba de comida 🙂

With a full stomach started “my part of the trip”: Jane Austen moments. We first visited Royal Crescent, semicircular street of stately Victorian air, y luego The Circus, street round the same style. Both still retain an air of the Regency that makes them unique, and from there where better to go to the Jane Austen Centre (Jane Austen Centre, entry 6.50 pounds). But of this I shall speak in another post with more details…

The city loved it so much we decided to find a hotel and stay the night there (Hotel Pratts, pretty decent). At night we took another stroll downtown, entering every pub that crossed our path… And as I usually spend every time I leave I drink tequilas liar, confuses me and I lost all credit card… What head! And with that we went to sleep, The next day we played Bristol visit.




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