'm Not used to things I arrive by mail, and less from Spain, without my sender has requested without. So when the other day I got one brown packet with nothing inside except a beaker of reel photo with my name, simplemente Flipe. My boyfriend saying that someone sent me compromising photos… (On a reel?? Who uses a roll of film today?and, Who may have compromising photos of me? :P), thinking about who could have a camera as well and my address… I even wrote to my brother's girlfriend to indagarle, jejeje.

Al final, when I was about to go to a photo shop with the damn reel, I realize that you have something written out, and that slot pokes a small eyelash, tiro y tará!! I get a whole roll of paper with a website and a code (and I just think, what a fool you are…). So take my iphone, I enter the code and introduce web, ¿And where do you think it took me??

The web appears all in black lights and only a little when I pass the mouse over, and appears as an FBI file with tabs up style, clips, polaroid photos… Many links to information on Biosphere Reserves in Asturias: Somiedo, Muniellos-sources Narcea, Park Networks, Picos de Europa, Oscos-Eo and The Ubiñas-La Mesa.

Both have loved mystery! I spent a hilarious morning trying to figure out what it was all about, and the truth is that to have loved web! Now I have a great desire to return to Asturias… Me he cuenta given that I have left a lot of sites to visit, and I have not even been or in the Picos de Europa, with how close you are to Ponferrada… Me lo apunto para futuros viajes 🙂


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